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Solar CCTV System

For railway operations, our technology solutions for trackside surveillance create a safe and secure environment. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that your railway assets and operations remain protected and optimized.


Sunstone Systems is your trusted partner for bespoke security solutions. Our solar-powered platforms specifically cater to the unique needs of each sector, ensuring enhanced safety and security.

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Our platforms for oil and gas operations provide a suite of solutions, including remote monitoring, wireless networks, and seamless sensor integration. This enables real-time surveillance and data connectivity, contributing to the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Our advanced Solar CCTV Systems are designed to ensure safety and security in local highways and the Strategic Road Network. These systems are particularly well-suited for remote locations, offering unparalleled security and  monitoring capabilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to safeguard your site and assets. From advanced surveillance systems to access control and intrusion detection, Sunstone Systems provides tailored security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our award-winning technologies lead the industry in delivering unparalleled security solutions, seamlessly integrating innovation, reliability, and sustainability to safeguard your assets, operations, and people with unparalleled efficiency.

Our cutting-edge security technologies are now available to rent, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications. Our solar-powered platforms redefine safety and efficiency by enabling remote monitoring and seamless sensor integration for real-time surveillance and data connectivity.


The versatility of our advanced Solar CCTV Systems ensures safety and security in various environments, even in the most remote locations. The adaptability of our solar-powered mobile CCTV systems makes them suitable for diverse operations, while our tailored technology solutions for surveillance create secure environments for various applications.


Recognising the unique challenges of security, we offer customisable solutions, including advanced surveillance systems, wireless telecommunications and intrusion detection. With our commitment to delivering reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable security solutions, Sunstone Systems is your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and security of your property, assets, and people.

Customers choose our technologies for unparalleled security innovation, reliability, and sustainability, trusting in our commitment to shape the future of deployable and renewable platforms across diverse industries.

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