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solar-powered surveillance system for defense

Remote, unified, and powerful technologies for your applications.

Solar CCTV System
Solar-powered surveillance, security, and telecommunications platforms offer the Department of Defense enhanced capabilities, including improved security, surveillance, and communications, reliable operation in remote environments, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Key benefits include: 
  • Our surveillance platforms provide the DOD with advanced security capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring and detection of potential threats in various military theaters.

  • Using surveillance systems enables the DOD to achieve enhanced situational awareness, allowing for better decision-making and response times.

  • Solar power ensures a continuous and reliable energy source, reducing the need for traditional fuel sources and minimizing logistical challenges in remote and hostile environments.

  • By harnessing renewable energy, solar-powered platforms offer long-term cost savings by reducing dependency on conventional energy sources and minimizing fuel consumption.

  • Our systems can be deployed in diverse locations, including remote and off-grid areas, providing the DOD with greater flexibility in its operations.

  • Our onboard telecommunications enable reliable and efficient communication networks, facilitating coordination and information sharing among military personnel.

  • We offer integrated solutions that allow solar-powered platforms to seamlessly integrate with the DOD's existing defense infrastructure and systems.

  • Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source, contributing to the DOD's sustainability goals and reducing its environmental footprint.

  • Our systems can be utilized by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Space Force, providing a unified solution for multiple branches of the DOD.


Solar-powered surveillance and telecommunications systems have become invaluable tools in the defense sector, offering a wide range of applications that enhance security, situational awareness, and communication capabilities. From forward operating bases and border security to maritime surveillance and tactical reconnaissance, these advanced systems provide the Department of Defense with reliable and efficient solutions for a variety of defense operations. By harnessing the power of the sun, these systems ensure continuous operation, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact, while empowering military personnel with enhanced capabilities to safeguard national security and respond effectively to evolving challenges.  


Utilize NI as a force multiplier for your next defense mission.


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