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solar-powered surveillance system for Justice Department

Empowering Justice: Solar-Powered Surveillance and Communications.

Solar CCTV System

Solar-powered surveillance, security, and telecommunications platforms offer the Department of Justice advanced capabilities, including enhanced surveillance, reliable communication networks, remote monitoring solutions, and continuous operation, empowering law enforcement agencies to gather evidence, improve situational awareness, and effectively respond to emerging threats. Key benefits include:

  • Our systems offer the Department of Justice (DoJ) advanced surveillance capabilities, facilitating effective investigation and operational missions for agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF, and U.S. Marshals Service.

  • Solar-powered telecommunications platforms enable the DoJ to establish reliable and efficient communication networks, facilitating seamless information sharing and coordination among law enforcement agencies.

  • Our surveillance systems provide the DoJ with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing for surveillance and evidence gathering in hard-to-reach or off-grid locations.

  • Solar-powered platforms contribute to improved situational awareness, empowering law enforcement agencies within the DoJ to make informed decisions and respond effectively to emerging threats.

  • By harnessing renewable energy, solar-powered systems ensure continuous operation, reducing dependency on traditional power sources and minimizing operational disruptions.

  • Our technologies aid the DoJ in gathering crucial evidence, supporting investigations, and strengthening the overall effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

  • By leveraging solar-powered solutions, the DoJ can enhance its law enforcement capabilities, safeguarding communities and upholding justice.

  • Sunstone Systems and Native Instinct offer the DoJ tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of law enforcement agencies, supporting their mission of protecting the rights and safety of the American people.


Solar-powered surveillance and telecommunications systems have revolutionized the capabilities of the Department of Justice (DoJ), empowering its agencies to tackle crime, ensure public safety, and respond effectively to emergencies. With a wide range of applications, from crime prevention and investigation to border security and disaster management, these advanced technologies enhance the DoJ's ability to protect communities, gather intelligence, and uphold justice. By harnessing the power of solar energy, the DoJ is equipped with reliable, sustainable, and efficient tools that support its mission of maintaining law and order while safeguarding the rights and safety of the American people.  


Unlock the power of Native Instinct technologies for your Department of Justice missions.


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