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Solar-powered surveillance system for agriculture

Solar-Powered Surveillance: Securing Agriculture, Sustaining Resources.

Solar CCTV System

Solar-powered surveillance, security, and telecommunications platforms offer the Department of Agriculture and its agencies enhanced capabilities for agricultural monitoring, forestland protection, rural infrastructure security, cost-effective operations, and sustainable resource management, supporting their mission of promoting agriculture, protecting natural resources, and supporting rural communities. Key benefits include: 

  • Solar-powered platforms enable the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to monitor crop health, detect pest infestations, and improve agricultural management practices.

  • Our systems can assist the Forest Service in enhancing forestland protection, wildfire prevention, and resource management.
    Clean technologies offer reliable and sustainable surveillance capabilities, even in remote and off-grid agricultural and forest areas.

  • Our systems can support the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) in ensuring the health and safety of livestock and crops, while also aiding in biosecurity efforts.

  • Surveillance and security platforms enable the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) to monitor and secure critical rural infrastructure, such as telecommunications networks and utility installations.

  • By using solar energy, the USDA and its agencies can achieve cost savings by reducing reliance on traditional power sources and minimizing operational costs.
    Incorporating solar-powered solutions aligns with the USDA's commitment to environmental sustainability and supports efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and resource management.

  • Our technologies enhance the USDA's ability to manage and protect natural resources effectively, contributing to sustainable land use practices.

  • By utilizing solar-powered surveillance and telecommunications systems, the USDA can better support rural communities by ensuring the integrity of agricultural operations and critical rural infrastructure.


Our advanced systems offer a wide range of applications that enhance crop monitoring, livestock management, environmental monitoring, and more. By harnessing the power of solar energy, these platforms enable real-time monitoring, data collection, and communication in even the most remote and environmentally sensitive areas. From optimizing irrigation practices to detecting forest fires and ensuring the security of agricultural assets, solar-powered solutions empower the Department of Agriculture to make informed decisions, respond effectively to emergencies, and promote sustainable farming practices. With their reliance on renewable energy and the ability to operate in off-grid locations, these systems align with the Department's commitment to environmental stewardship while advancing the productivity and resilience of the agricultural sector.


Using clean technologies, Native Instinct delivers on the mission to protect our environment.


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