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solar-powered surveillance system for Homeland Security

Our systems bolster Homeland Security with enhanced surveillance.

Solar CCTV System
Solar-powered surveillance, security, and telecommunications platforms offer the Department of Homeland Security enhanced capabilities in border security, disaster response, and law enforcement efforts, providing reliable power, real-time monitoring, and improved communications in remote environments. Key benefits include: 
  • Our surveillance platforms provide the DHS with improved monitoring and detection capabilities, enhancing border security efforts.

  • Solar-powered systems enable the DHS to establish reliable communications and surveillance networks in disaster-stricken areas, facilitating effective response and coordination.

  • Our platforms bolster law enforcement operations by offering advanced surveillance capabilities and reliable communication channels, aiding agencies such as TSA, FEMA, USCG, and ICE.

  • Solar-powered systems allow for surveillance and communications in challenging and remote locations where traditional power sources may be limited or unavailable.

  • We offer real-time monitoring of critical areas, providing timely information and situational awareness for proactive decision-making.

  • Our onboard telecommunications systems ensure reliable data connectivity, enabling effective information sharing and coordination among DHS agencies.

  • Solar power provides a continuous and sustainable energy source, reducing reliance on traditional power grids and minimizing operational disruptions

  • Our technologies contribute to the overall strengthening of national security by enhancing surveillance capabilities and communication networks.

  • Solar-powered systems enable swift response and coordination during emergencies, facilitating effective disaster management and safeguarding the American people.

  • By incorporating solar technology, the DHS can reduce its carbon footprint and promote environmentally friendly practices in line with sustainability goals.


Solar-powered surveillance and telecommunications systems play a crucial role in the Homeland Security sector, providing a range of applications that enhance situational awareness, border security, emergency response, and critical infrastructure protection. These advanced systems offer reliable and independent operation, ensuring continuous surveillance and communication capabilities in remote and off-grid areas. Whether it's monitoring border regions, securing airports and seaports, managing disaster response efforts, or safeguarding critical infrastructure, solar-powered platforms provide Homeland Security agencies with the tools they need to detect threats, coordinate response efforts, and ensure the safety and security of the nation. With their sustainable and cost-effective features, these systems contribute to efficient resource allocation, reduced reliance on traditional power sources, and environmental sustainability, enabling Homeland Security agencies to fulfill their mission of protecting the homeland and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.


Utilize NI as a force multiplier for your next Homeland Security mission.


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