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Instant clean power, delivered by QuickGrid

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QuickGrid's off-grid solar power system is an excellent solution for rail applications where traditional power sources are unavailable or unreliable. The system's ability to be quickly and easily deployed without the need for extensive groundworks or heavy machinery makes it an ideal choice for rail operators who need to ensure power continuity in remote locations.


QuickGrid is an ideal solution for security applications, providing reliable off-grid power for remote CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and other security equipment. With its self-assembly design and flexible installation options, the  system can be quickly deployed in areas where traditional power sources are not available, ensuring that security measures can be installed wherever needed.


The QuickGrid system is a reliable and sustainable backup power solution for telecoms companies. It offers easy installation, scalability, integrated ballast options, and high-efficiency solar panels, ensuring consistent power for remote sites without the need for heavy machinery or extensive surveys.


QuickGrid offers a reliable and quickly deployable backup power solution for highways, ensuring operational efficiency for cameras, signage, and other infrastructure. Its modular design allows scalability and eliminates the need for heavy machinery or extensive surveys.


QuickGrid is an ideal solution for providing temporary power on construction sites. Its quick deployment and self-assembly system make it easy for engineers to deliver, install, and commission without heavy machinery or extensive site surveys. With the ability to deliver up to 2.4kWh of solar power, it can support a range of construction equipment and technology. 

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The QuickGrid System developed by Sunstone Systems is an advanced solution for delivering up to 3kWh of solar power, catering to a variety of Sunstone and third-party technologies. QuickGrid is rapidly deployed, highly robust, effective and powerful solar generator, which can installed in a range of locations to help deliver clean power to your site, reducing Co2e emissions and driving down fuel expenditure. 

Standard features include:

  • Omnidirectional and Unidirectional Options: The QuickGrid System has two configurations, south facing for optimal power output or omnidirectional to maximise irradiance in the morning and afternoon 

  • Self-Assembly System: The QuickGrid System can be installed by a single engineer with zero groundworks, making it convenient and efficient to set up

  • Standard 20ft ISO Container: The system is based on a standard container size, allowing for easy installation on roofs or the ground

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  • Resilient Construction: It is made from galvanised steel, known for its durability, ensuring the system can withstand harsh environments

  • Insulated Control Cabinet: The QuickGrid System includes a secure control cabinet to house solar control equipment

  • Integrated Ballast Options: Various ballast options, such as sand, water, or gravel, can be used for on-site installation, providing stability

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: The system operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C

  • EAC Certified and CE Marked: The QuickGrid System has obtained EAC certification and bears the CE Mark, indicating compliance with relevant standards

QuickGrid can be simply deployed on the ground or on the top of any standard cabin, welfare unit or ISO container. With our unique array configurations, the system can be connected to your existing electrical equipment and will generate clean energy in any orientation to the sun using the omnidirectional array or south facing (unidirectional) to maximise output.

The QuickGrid System offers a multitude of benefits, revolutionizing solar power generation by delivering up to 3kWh of clean and reliable energy. From its easy installation process to its scalability, enhanced power production, reduced reliance on charging schedules, and high-efficiency solar panels, QuickGrid ensures a hassle-free and sustainable energy solution that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. This includes:

  • Solar power generation: A single QuickGrid System can deliver up to 3kWh of solar power, offering a reliable and clean energy source. Multiple QuickGrid units can be daisy-chained to meet higher-power requirements, allowing for scalability

  • Deployment flexibility: With zero groundworks, the QuickGrid can be easily moved around your site, helping you to harness the power of the sun as the requirements change

  • Enhanced power production: QuickGrid maximises solar power production and power budget, ensuring support for equipment throughout the year

  • Reduced reliance on charging schedules: QuickGrid reduces the need for strict charging schedules for batteries, providing more flexibility

  • Easy transportation: The system is designed for easy transport to deployment locations and can be stacked in transportation crates

  • High-efficiency solar panels: The QuickGrid System features high-efficiency monocrystalline  glass fronted solar panels, proven for their longevity and ease of maintenance

  • Low maintenance and long-lasting: The system is designed for low maintenance and has a long lifespan, resulting in cost-effectiveness over time

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QuickGrid System


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