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Industrial Storage

IO System secures Rivian storage site in Munich.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

Rapid Deployment 

IO is man portable and can be operational in under 1 hour, surveillance on demand.

Advanced Tech

We only integrate the most advanced and effective technologies to overcome a range of security challenges.

Always Online

IO utilises carrier grade cellular equipment which can connect up to three separate networks, keeping your devices online.

Highly Versatile

IO can provide reliable power for Surveillance, Telecommunications and Edge Computing.


IO operates all year round in any weather, delivering 24/7/365 continuous connectivity. 

Sunstone delivers novel and innovative surveillance system for Rivian in Munich, Germany.

The IO System developed by Sunstone has successfully delivered real-time surveillance and analytics to the UK and US monitoring centers via the German cellular network, ensuring the safety and security of Rivian's valuable assets. The bespoke solution provided a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective solution to Rivian's security challenges.


The success of this project demonstrates the value of working closely with customers to develop bespoke solutions that meet their specific needs and challenges. By utilising advanced approaches such as sim bonding, the IO System delivered over 99.9% uptime and connectivity to the cellular network, providing improved network availability, faster data speeds, and reduced latency. Sunstone's expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions ensures that businesses can monitor and control their equipment or site with confidence, even in challenging and remote environments with no fixed buildings, power supply, or connectivity.

The Challenge 
The key challenge was to provide live streaming of surveillance and analytics to the Genetec Platform and the UK based Monitoring Centre via the local cellular network. Also, the solution had to be installed in a newly occupied building with limited power and data infrastructure and cover the high-value assets of Rivian in Munich, Germany.

Technical challenges included integrating multiple cellular connections to ensure reliable streaming of surveillance feeds, optimising network bandwidth to reduce latency and improved data transmission speeds.

In addition, as the site housed high-value
Rivian assets, it was essential that integrated smart analytics were deployed to ensure vulnerable positions inside the building could be effectively protected. 

The Solution
We worked closely with multiple stakeholders in the UK, Germany and the US to design a bespoke IO System, which could be locally powered, connect to the German cellular network and stream via the cloud to the UK monitoring centre. In addition, Rivian required the ability to view camera streams in real time from the US and onboard smart camera analytics utilised to automate the detection of intruders and alert operatives in the UK.  

The IO System was optimised to deliver 24/7 HD CCTV surveillance with intrusion detection alerts that can be streamed via a mobile network to any location or device. The system uses industry-standard encryption protocols to protect data, and it includes features such as user authentication and access control to ensure that only authorised personnel can access data.

The HD CCTV cameras were installed internally to the building, covering key vulnerable areas and the IO System delivered multiple cellular connections, monitored network strength and surveillance streams were then relayed to the UK Monitoring Centre.

The Results
The IO System by Sunstone provided a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective solution to Rivian's security challenges. The system has been successfully deployed, providing live streaming of surveillance and analytics and now proven to be effective in challenging environments with no fixed power supply or connectivity. This has enabled Rivian to monitor and control their equipment and site with confidence, ensuring the safety and security of their valuable assets.


In the first twelve months of operation, the IO System delivered over 99.9% uptime and connectivity to the German cellular network by utilising advanced approaches including sim bonding.  Sim bonding is a technique that combines multiple cellular connections from different carriers into a single, more reliable and faster connection. This technique is particularly useful in areas with limited connectivity, such as remote sites and offers several advantages, including improved network availability, faster data speeds, and reduced latency. One of the main benefits of sim bonding with using the IO System is improved network availability. By combining multiple cellular connections, the sim bonding technology ensures that there is always a strong and reliable connection. This is particularly important in areas where connectivity is limited or unreliable, as it allows solutions to maintain constant connectivity and avoid downtime. By combining multiple cellular connections, sim bonding delivered by the IO System can increase the available bandwidth, allowing for faster data transfer speeds. 

99.9% UPTIME

Our IO System uses sim bonding to create solid connections to the cloud.


We only deploy advanced and high security sensors to secure our sites.

24/7 CCTV

Our systems and monitoring centers provide around the clock and all year round site security. 


Our surveillance systems have onboard CCTV analytics to support automated detection.


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