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IO System for Highways

Sunstone delivers the IO System on highways with WJ.

Solar CCTV System

Rapid Deployment 

IO is man portable and can be operational in under 1 hour, surveillance on demand.

Advanced Tech

We only integrate the most advanced and effective technologies to overcome a range of security challenges.

Always Online

IO utilizes carrier grade cellular equipment which can connect up to three separate networks, keeping your devices online.

Highly Versatile

IO can provide reliable power for Surveillance, Telecommunications and Edge Computing.


IO operates all year round in any weather, delivering 24/7/365 continuous connectivity. 

Sunstone Systems and their innovation partner WJ have recently delivered a ground-breaking traffic management solution using their IO System on the M40-42. The IO System is an advanced surveillance technology that leverages the latest cellular communication technology to provide real-time traffic analytics and surveillance on remote highways without the need for hardwired data networks.

Surveillance cameras are crucial for managing traffic flow, detecting incidents, and providing real-time information to drivers, which can help reduce congestion and improve safety on highways. Additionally, surveillance cameras can help prevent accidents, respond quickly to incidents, enforce traffic laws, and provide valuable surveillance and monitoring of highways.

The IO System takes surveillance technology to the next level by offering 24/7 HD CCTV surveillance, intelligent analytics, a highly scalable and flexible system, portable and easy to deploy, flexible camera mounting options, rugged design, and cost-effectiveness. The system delivers 24/7 HD CCTV surveillance, offering improved safety on the M40 by detecting incidents and alerting authorities quickly. It can also capture footage of accidents, providing valuable evidence for law enforcement, and helping to improve road safety. Also, the IO System's intelligent analytics, including stopped vehicle detection, can identify incidents and alert authorities automatically, reducing response times and improving safety on the road.

The system is highly scalable, multiple IO systems can be added and linked on a single site to increase coverage, making it an ideal solution for large highways networks that require extensive coverage. It's portability and easy deployment make it quick and easy to install, making it an ideal solution for temporary installations, such as for roadworks or events, as well as permanent installations.

The IO System's flexible camera mounting options allow cameras to be installed where they are needed most, reducing blind spots and improving coverage. The IO System's rugged design ensures that it can withstand harsh environments, including extreme weather conditions and high levels of vibration, making it ideal for use in remote and off-grid areas. Lastly, the IO System's cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for highway specialists looking to improve their site security without breaking the bank.

Sunstone Systems and WJ have successfully delivered an intelligent traffic management solution using the IO System on the M40-42. The IO System's advanced surveillance technology offers 24/7 HD CCTV surveillance, intelligent analytics, highly scalable and flexible system, portable and easy to deploy, flexible camera mounting options, rugged design, and cost-effectiveness. This technology has the potential to improve safety and security on highways, providing valuable surveillance and monitoring of highways, and reducing incident response times. 


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