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Sunstone Systems and HD CCTV

Advanced surveillance and analytics where you need it.

Solar IP CCTV System

24 hour security

Our systems work 24/7 and all year round in the UK.

Smart Analytics

Our smart analytics includes virtual trip wires and exclusion zones.

High Definition

All of our cameras are high definition (HD 1080p) as standard.


We can stream live surveillance to any monitoring centre via 4G and 5G, Wireless & SD WAN Networks and Satellite.

Innovative Sensors

We only integrate advanced HD CCTV cameras, motion detectors and virtual trip wires.

We are an award-winning CCTV installation company, specialising in advanced and integrated security systems. From simple, stand-alone, plug and play systems used in small retail outlets, to advanced high definition digital and network video recorder systems that can cater for your needs and requirements, to the most complex multi-site and diverse applications. Our range of systems utilise the latest technologies to give you clear, high definition images that are quick and easy to retrieve and review.

Our network cameras offer the most focused and comprehensive video coverage exactly where you need it. IP network cameras present almost limitless capabilities when accessing either live or recorded video feeds, enabling you to remotely monitor activity on any premises 24/7 via any connected work station, from PCs to smartphones and tablets. Available in a range of varieties, including Dome, Bullet, Body/Box, Fisheye, PTZ, Megapixel, Vandal Proof and Night Vision cameras, IP network security cameras offer significant benefits and functionalities over traditional analogue cameras. Amongst the main benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility, reliability and scalability

  • Convenience of power over ethernet

  • Wireless networking including encryption capabilities

  • High quality megapixel and HDTV resolution

  • Pro-active intelligent analysis, monitoring and notification: facial recognition, motion, direction of motion, loitering, object removal, or attempts to sabotage the camera

  • Cost effective in large scale systems and public areas

Quality security cameras are the core of an effective surveillance system. Contact us today for more information about a custom-tailored IP network camera system guaranteed to meet your facility’s unique environment, lighting conditions and security needs.

Delivering advanced and innovative security systems for Kings School, Canterbury.

Safeguarding our pupils remains at the forefront of everything we do at King’s. Our continued work with Sunstone Systems has enabled us to maintain the highest standard of CCTV and access control allowing the school to, not only meet but, exceed the expectations of all of its stakeholders. The team at Sunstone has developed a deep understanding of the unique environment in which we work and their customer focus combined with excellent product installation means that we can continue to provide a safe and secure environment within which our pupils can thrive.” Ben Hartley, King’s School Security Manager

The King’s School is a co-educational independent school within the Precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, with over 820 students aged 3-18 across the Senior and Junior schools.

The vast estate is set over an entire city, with an incredibly diverse mix of historic buildings dating back as early as 597AD, through to state-of-the-art developments built within the last two years.

Amenities that include day and boarding houses, staff accommodation, recreational centres and sports centres, and a newly built science hub, international college, theatre and performing arts centre, are dispersed across a vast area; many within the public cathedral grounds, and others isolated further afield. At the time of the review, security was dependent upon disparate analogue CCTV systems and a range of hardware and software from multiple suppliers.

Sunstone designed and installed a new Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance system platform providing an opportunity to bring the school’s old surveillance system up to date by migrating different buildings in planned phases, while connecting new projects to a central system immediately. Wireless point-to-point links were installed where direct network connection is not possible between buildings – a significant issue in such a large site giving the central security office the opportunity to see different camera viewing options for each site. An innovative access control system is being implemented over the school’s sites to set the basis for facilities and building management. 

Being a World Heritage Site, it was also essential to consider how to implement new technologies in a sympathetic way to complement both historical and brand-new buildings. Sunstone worked closely with The King’s Schools construction and electrical contractors to collaborate on the best ways to achieve this. To date 14 new projects have been delivered with CCTV, access control and intruder systems. All connected to the new central platform. 

The collaborative approach between Sunstone and King’s School Security teams and contractors created a true partnership to be able to deliver shared goals ensuring the best outcomes for the School. This has resulted in the security team having a system that is easy to use, supported by engineers who understand the school and its restrictions with the ability to continually flex the security system as new projects come online.

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