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The IO System is a rapidly deployable security and communication hub which provides reliable, cost‑effective site security. This system provides 24/7 HD CCTV surveillance with intrusion detection alerts that can be streamed via a mobile network to any location or device.

Plug and play technologies on demand. Meet IO.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

Rapid Deployment 

IO is man portable and can be operational in under 1 hour, surveillance on demand.

Advanced Tech

We only integrate the most advanced and effective technologies to overcome a range of security challenges.

Always Online

IO utilizes carrier grade cellular equipment which can connect up to three separate networks, keeping your devices online.

Highly Versatile

IO can provide reliable power for Surveillance, Telecommunications and Edge Computing.


IO operates all year round in any weather, delivering 24/7/365 continuous connectivity. 

Hardwired Power

Environmentally Friendly


Ruggedised & Robust

Remote Management

Low Cost



IoT Devices 

Thermal Imaging

Edge Computing 

UPS Power

IO System
IO System Vector 2.png


The IO System can deliver telecommunications and surveillance at level crossings, depots and train stations. This system can provide reliable security in disconnected trackside locations anywhere.


IO can deliver reliable connectivity in all conditions for a range of surveillance and security sensors. This highly versatile platform can stream footage, analytics and alerts in real time to your monitoring centre all year round. 


IO can provide connectivity, including wireless point to point, mesh, cellular and satellite networks in the most hostile and remote locations. 


Designed for remote and off-grid locations, IO can integrate specialist highways IoT devices, radars and surveillance cameras. This system is capable of connecting surveillance sensors for a range of highways applications to your monitoring centre.


Developed for rugged environments, IO can provide first to site telecommunications for office buildings and advanced perimeter detection to protect your assets and vehicles. Connected to your monitoring centre, IO will stream surveillance, smart analytics and alerts.

The IO System is a rapidly deployable security and communication hub which provides reliable, cost‑effective site security. This system provides 24/7 HD CCTV surveillance with intrusion detection alerts that can be streamed via a mobile network to any location or device.

IO System is a comprehensive solution that includes security, surveillance, and smart sensors. The system is designed to provide businesses with a complete and customisable solution for monitoring and controlling their equipment or site.

With its advanced security features, the IO System is an essential tool for businesses that require reliable and secure data transmission. The system uses industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your data, and it includes features such as user authentication and access control to ensure that only authorised personnel can access your data.

The IO System also includes surveillance capabilities, allowing you to monitor your equipment and premises with high-quality cameras and sensors. Smart sensors are another important feature of the IO System. These sensors are designed to provide you with accurate and timely information about your equipment or site, allowing you to make informed decisions using smart analytics. Also, the sensors can monitor a wide range of parameters, including temperature, humidity, pressure, and more.

At Sunstone Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their security, surveillance, and sensor needs. That's why we designed the IO System to be a comprehensive solution that can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Whether you need to monitor a single piece of equipment or an entire facility, the IO System has the capabilities you need to stay informed and in control.

Contact us today to learn more about how the IO System can help your business improve its security, surveillance, and sensor capabilities.

Key features of the IO System

  • Integrated PTZ, Thermal & Bullet Cameras for large-scale site coverage

  • Smart analytics including intrusion detection and perimeter security

  • PA horn for instant live or pre-recorded audio deterrents

  • Out of hours alarm monitoring with a pre-agreed escalation process

  • Access to live and recorded video footage on mobile devices through an encrypted cloud-based viewing application

  • Flexible camera-mounting options so cameras can be installed where you need them

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Benefits of IO:

  • Scalable, add and link multiple IO boxes on a single site to increase coverage

  • Cameras and sensors can be deployed up to 100m from IO 

  • Versatile, thermal and Pan Tilt Zoom camera options available 

  • Easily portable, deployed in tricky to reach locations

  • Rapidly deployable, cameras live and streaming in minutes

  • Cost effective, big cost savings compared to on-site security guards

  • Secure, lockable cabinet, tamper alerts, encrypted data

  • Ruggedised, vandal resistant Battery back up in the event of power failure

  • Connect other sensors including environmental monitoring sensors, IOT devices and PIR sensors

  • Optional Battery backup to ensure continued operation overnight or weekends

How IO works


How does IO work?

IO System How it works.png

Galvanised steel for Mounting Plate and Steel for Enclosure 
Height 600 mm, width 600 mm and depth 300 mm 
3 points lock, 3 mm double-bar 


IP66 conforming to IEC 60529 
IK10 conforming to IEC 62262 


Integrates with any IP  CCTV Video Management Software (VMS)
Remote system health status and power performance monitoring
Remote power cycle capability via text message and email 


IEC 62208 
EAC Certification 
CE Marking 
British Engineering Standards



Static IP CCTV Cameras, PTZ, Panoramic or Thermal Cameras, PIR and Radar



3G / 4G / 5G Cellular Router and Integrated Antenna

Network CAT5e , Wireless PtP, PtMP, Mesh and Satellite Options

DATA STORAGE & Online VMS Access

1TB Onboard Storage (Up to 30 days recording) and connectivity to VMS for web viewing






-20 °C  to +50°C




Industrial PoE Switch

DIN Rail Mounted Control and Power Supply

*Methanol Generator and Solar Panel versions available upon request*


Video Camera Lens

Surveillance Cameras

We can integrate a number of different camera types, specifications and manufacturers. This includes Bullet, PTZ and 180/360 Degree Cameras. The feed can be relayed from the ARC and to the Cloud to be monitored.


Network Speaker

We utilise the Axis all-in-one speaker with built-in power amplifier and signal processing (DSP). Pre-configured digital signal processing produces clear, understandable live voice and pre-recorded voice messages to your site.

Security Room

Security Lighting 

IO can integrate a range of white light and other illumination technologies to help secure your site.


Radar Detection

Our range of range radar detectors are integrated into the IO and are designed to work with CCTV  cameras. Any detections would be confirmed visually by using the cameras and alerts relayed  to the monitoring centre.

Security Equipment

Access Control 

Using our onboard cellular LTE router we can connect your IP Access Control System to the cloud. Combined with cameras, your monitoring officers access to your site can be secured and remotely controlled from anywhere.

Optex-SIP-with-camera-HR (1).jpg

PIR Sensors 

Our PIR sensors allow you to sense motion and detect whether a human has moved in or out of the sensors range. Combined with surveillance sensors, PIRs can trigger our cameras to alert the CCTV Monitoring Centre.

thermal cctv.jpeg

Thermal Imaging

Deploying thermal imaging cameras are most effective in complicated locations and over long distances. Detecting the thermal signature of an intruder, an alert is relayed via the cellular network and to the monitoring centre.

Communication Tower

WIFI & LTE Connections

Depending on the location, using our onboard cellular LTE router, we can deliver up to 5G data speeds to your location and distribute WIFI nodes up to 90m from the IO System.





Fixing a Computer

Your IoT Device

The IO System is an innovative IoT hub, if you have any device which you would like integrated then speak to us. 


Powered by 

Fence Guard.png

Fence Guard

Fence Guard detects and triggers an event when objects cross a predefined virtual line in the camera view. The analytics application is ideal for detecting intrusions in low-traffic, fenced-in areas during after hours at office and industrial locations. 

Object Analytics.png

Object Analytics

Object Analytics is an intelligent video analytics that adds value to your camera by detecting and classifying humans and vehicles tailored to your surveillance needs.

Motion Guard.png

Motion Guard

Motion Guard detects and triggers an event when objects move within a predefined area in the camera view. The analytics application is ideal for detecting unwanted activity in low-traffic areas during after hours at office, retail and industrial sites. 

Video Motion Detection.jpg

Video Motion Detection

Video Motion Detection detects and triggers an event when objects move within a predefined area in the camera view. The analytics is ideal for use in small, low-traffic areas in non-critical applications.

Perimeter Defender.png

Perimeter Defender

Perimeter Defender reinforces physical access controls at the perimeter of your site. It provides an effective edge-based system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on your property.

Speed Monitor.png

Speed Monitor & ANPR

Speed Monitor is ideal for measuring vehicle speed and monitoring unsecured roads. It collects and processes radar data and presents the data as visual overlays in the camera feed. This means you can display the speed in real-time.


Computer Processor_edited.jpg

Our Artificial Intelligence technology has been integrated into IO and can monitor and analyse video feeds from surveillance cameras. With AI, our surveillance systems can automatically detect and alert security personnel to potential security threats, such as suspicious behaviour or unauthorised access to restricted areas. Our AI-powered surveillance technologies can be used in a variety of settings, including public spaces, construction sites, and highways. With the ability to automate surveillance tasks and provide advanced analytics, IO and AI-powered surveillance can help you improve security, reduce costs, and operate more efficiently.

IO Artificial Intelligence


Intruder Detection

Our AI-powered intruder detection works by analysing video feeds from the surveillance sensors to identify potential security threats, such as people or vehicles entering restricted areas. It can detect abnormal behaviour and can alert security personnel in real-time, enabling quick response to potential security breaches.

Bridge Contruction

PPE Detection

Our machine learning algorithms automatically detect whether a person is wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) on site. It can analyse the visual data and identify whether a person is wearing the correct PPE, such as helmets and high visibility clothing and alert operators.

Axis Cars.jpg

Object Identification

Our AI-driven analytics provides detailed object classification, enabling it to identify not only humans and vehicles but also various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, and bikes. Also, it can  detect and classify people in atypical positions, such as hunched, and objects that are obscured.

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