Site security delivered with John F Hunt. 

The Solar IP CCTV System (SICS) provides rapid deployment surveillance and internet connectivity in remote areas to provide seamless HD monitoring for high-security operations anywhere in the world.


Using Sunstone’s ARC units the construction company has seen advanced security and surveillance at their site, and achieved significant cost savings for the project, which spans 22 acres of derelict land previously vulnerable to intruders, vandalism and theft.

John F Hunt took over the site earlier this year in preparation for a £1.25bn regeneration project that will see the old Stag Brewery transform into an enviable community space that includes residential, retail, office, recreational and educational spaces, as well as new open and green public spaces. 
The vast site has multiple entry points and has suffered from intruders causing significant loss and damage to assets and health and safety concerns. Only two buildings onsite have power and data connections, severely limiting technological solutions without substantial cost and time implications to install groundworks. This meant the site was using limited CCTV coverage, with only live-view function available, and a small onsite security team. 
John F Hunt wanted something more innovative that would protect the assets in their care and the project budgets and timeline; a solution that made more business sense.


Using the latest innovation 

Five ARC units were installed at the Stag Brewery site powered exclusively by solar technology. Not restricted by power or cable needs, the units could be positioned around the site in the best locations, covering all vulnerable perimeter points, with flexibility to move around as the project progresses. 
The ARC provides wireless broadband with point-to-point mesh-to-network, linking back to an internet connection point onsite. Each unit was supplied with a PTZ camera for 360° view, providing a live feed plus 30 days of recorded footage. This is displayed onsite, and via a secure network to relevant stakeholders on mobile devices and desktop computers. 
PIR sensors were positioned around the site. When triggered, they send messages to cameras on the units to capture the area of activity, and deter intruders with both a pre-recorded message announced over a PA system and the option for onsite security teams to communicate directly with intruders from the site office.


The ARC empowers our customers to take control of their assets
The ARC is a more cost-effective and robust solution compared with alternatives. For John F Hunt immediate cost savings alone equate to over £10,500 a month, with immeasurable cost savings from the prevention of incidents as units provide visual and audible deterrents to would-be intruders, and the option to review recorded footage in the event of an incident. 
Smarter surveillance reduces the need for security guards to patrol the vast site increasing the health and safety of staff; and offers better peace of mind for stakeholders with the ability to remotely view cameras on-demand. 
Neil Swinburne, Operations Manager – Industrial Division, John F Hunt Regeneration said “My experience with the Sunstone CCTV security system has been very satisfactory with full remote coverage and a great call out service very prompt service.  I would recommend the use of the system on any similar premises with the system being fully mobile and multi positioning” 



Remote viewing

You can view all your cameras from your mobile and computer, at the touch of a button.

Wireless Network

The systems are deployed in remote locations and communicate wirelessly. 

Silent Operation

This SICS is impervious to extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres.

Solar powered

All deployed systems are powered using solar power.

Rapid Deployment

Our systems can be rapidly deployed and working under 1 hour.

Day and night mode

Our cameras are full HD in the day time and can see in the dark using infrared.

High Definition

All of our cameras are high definition (HD 1080p) as standard.

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