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The problems we solve.

The SICS has proven to deliver reliable high-quality surveillance in Oil and Gas fields and Highways, but the versatility of this solution has opened routes to market in a number of large sectors, including Defence and Borders, Construction, and Telecommunications.


Oil and Gas 

Upstream Oil and Gas fields often have limited access to reliable and cost-effective power, data and communication systems. This is because they are based in remote locations, where the cost of installing hardwired power and fiber optic networks can run into the millions of dollars and take significant periods of time to build. 

To establish surveillance and communication systems, many Oil and Gas sites have developed a reliance on temperature restricted, portable or semi portable, diesel fuelled generators, which have significantly high failure rates, are expensive to run, and pump carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

This is where our equipment comes in. Our Solar CCTV System (SICS) is designed for ease of deployment and is fully self-sustaining on solar power. This creates the possibility for surveillance on site from day one, which we know is crucial for high value projects where delays in production cost.