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"The built environment accounts for almost 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. As part of the construction sector, we are engaging with our supply chain and other internal stakeholders early on in the construction process to address environmental impact by adopting sustainable building methods.

Our latest Wembley Park site, known as Repton Gardens, has been provided with a Solar Power Station (SPS) by Sunstone Systems.

This UK manufactured tool is an environmentally friendly multipurpose generator that powers our site offices and welfare facilities. By employing energy efficient technologies, Repton Gardens is forecasted to reduce our CO2 emissions by 635.7 kg in comparison to a Diesel generator within the first year of use.

One of our team members said “The solar powered tool station is very efficient; it charges up all of our batteries in the same time frame as when powered by the mains electricity”

Part of a wider regeneration plan, Repton Gardens is our fourth development contract with Quintain Limited at Wembley Park"

See more details here.

Security is a major issue on construction sites which can be an easy target for opportunist thieves. £1m worth of equipment is stolen from sites in the UK every week, and less than 10% of this is recovered by Police. The ramifications from theft, vandalism and damage on site can be considerable, from increased project costs, critical project time being wasted and worker safety being compromised.. Also, during working hours, tool theft from workers is a significant and underreported concern, which can lead to further disruptions in productivity and costs to individuals.

To control the risks presented by vulnerabilities on construction sites, there are many issues to consider and a one size fits all approach to site security is bound to fail.

Some of the variables we look at before supporting our customers with a solution includes the location of the site, is it in a remote location or in a busy city centre? What existing hard security measures are in place, is there secure fencing, adequate lighting and is valuable equipment secured? This assessment is designed to understand their specific requirement and the most cost effective way of mitigating those vulnerabilities.

In this way, the balance between mitigating vulnerabilities, whatever the recommendation, and providing a cost effective solution is a fine line to tread. Sometimes we see very cost effective solutions that do not provide adequate security (or fail to work when needed) or expensive solutions which easily meet objectives, but are hard to financially sustain. The advantage of a thorough site assessment, which clearly lays out vulnerabilities and cost effective measures to mitigate them is the best way of treading that fine line.

Another perspective is to consider how the site looks to your potential intruder, as they evaluate risk versus reward. They are looking (sometimes opportunistically) for the lowest risk for the highest reward, and their decision making will be influenced by the security measures installed on site.

For example, manned guarding can be particularly effective in deterring opportunistic intruders, providing a visual deterrent and fast response to incursions on site, escalating to a Police response when needed. However, the costs associated with this solution can be considerable, especially if the site is large, requires multiple guards and is secured 24/7.

Also, with the development of our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers which are lower cost, they are effective in deterring intruders, as they can be located in positions to provide continuous coverage across the entire site

They deliver 360° HD CCTV coverage with virtual tripwires and motion detection sensors and operate on solar 24/7, all year round. The integrated horn speakers provider operators with the facility to give live audio challenges to any intruders detected via the camera or sensors.

We can connect our technologies over wireless or cellular networks and provide optional WIFI connectivity to personnel on site. In addition, our systems are powered using renewables and we can help to significantly reduce CO² emissions versus diesel generators.

Our technologies can be custom built for precise applications and we work with leading manned guarding companies to provide an integrated solution, which helps to reduce costs while leveraging smart devices to help secure construction sites.

Welcome to the latest Sunstone Systems newsletter keeping you updated on our recent events, exciting new projects and new product launches in the coming weeks. In this issue we’ll be covering:

  • Our roadside surveillance project with Balfour Beatty

  • Sunstone’s latest cutting-edge projects with McLaren Construction

  • How Sunstone are staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sunstone SICS Units on the A2 in Kent with Balfour Beatty

Solar CCTV System, Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower
Solar CCTV System for Highways

If you have driven along the A2 in Kent recently you may have noticed a number of our Solar IP CCTV Systems (SICS) along the carriageway supporting the Balfour Beatty team. The units are providing real-time surveillance of the roadworks along a section of the A2 powered entirely by solar with images relayed over the 4G network.

This project required no cables, no groundworks and was deployed by the Balfour Beatty team within a few hours. A senior member of the team at Balfour Beatty had read about our solar-powered surveillance units in an industry magazine article and has been working with us since the end of last year to identify a suitable site for their first deployment.

These SICS units have already undergone a successful trial for Highways England (HE) in the Midlands and have been recommended by HE to be adopted as a ‘Business as Usual’ product across their project’s nation-wide. The team operating this site have been extremely impressed with our units, from the image quality of the Nautilus 360 PTZ camera to the ease of deployment and re-deployment as required. The units are positioned and commissioned by the Balfour Beatty team which means they can be integrated with existing works without the need to plan additional road closures or chaperones for our team to attend site.

Watch this space for the next update on the stopped vehicle detection software that we will be trialling with Balfour Beatty next month.

Clean Energy Construction Site Security for McLaren

Solar CCTV System, Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower
Solar CCTV Systems for Site Security

We are delighted to be working in partnership with McLaren Construction to develop and deploy a number of clean energy solutions for their construction sites.

Our first project was to secure the perimeter of a large site in Central London with multiple points of entry. We have installed 17 cameras along the hoarding of the site all routed back to a single solar generator. We have also recently deployed two solar-powered SICS units providing coverage of the car park and compound with all images fed back to a monitoring and guarding company who investigate any trigger alerts via the cameras and deploy guards in the vicinity if required.

Our next project with McLaren, which is currently going through our R&D process, is a solar-powered tool charging station, more information to follow in our next update!

Staying Safe

Since the UK Government announced the lockdown measures to be put in place from Tuesday 24th March, we have been adapting to an ever-evolving situation. Our first and most important consideration from the start was to ensure we keep everyone safe - our team, our clients and our suppliers.

We fully supported the requests made by the UK Government to take the necessary action to slow the spread of the virus. We were fortunate in that we are already a very mobile team, so the move to more home working was quite an easy one for us to take and more importantly remain connected to each other.

The outcome is that despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic and lockdown we have managed to remain operational and have delivered some great projects to our even greater clients.

We would like to thank our clients for their appreciation of the situation and support in allowing us to remain safe in our delivery of their projects, our suppliers for keeping us stocked and able to supply and of course our Sunstone team who have been flexible, have adapted and have delivered as only they can! Thank you.

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