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Celebrating Excellence: Sunstone's Journey at the British Engineering Excellence Awards.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A night of recognition and celebration unfolded at the British Engineering Excellence Awards, and Sunstone was right at the heart of it. The company was shortlisted for the prestigious New Product of the Year award for their revolutionary Solar CCTV System. While the win might have eluded them, the experience itself was nothing short of incredible.

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While the night might not have ended with a victory in their category, the true essence of the event was in the recognition and camaraderie that filled the room. To stand shoulder to shoulder with outstanding technologies and pioneering companies was, in itself, a privilege. It showcased the breadth and depth of innovation that the engineering world has to offer.

A special congratulations goes out to Aeristech Ltd, whose product truly left a lasting impression. As Sunstone acknowledged their achievement, it reflected the spirit of sportsmanship and respect that defines the engineering community. Every participant, every company, and every innovation that graced the awards was a testament to the finest that engineering has to offer.

The awards night wasn't just about individual victories; it was about celebrating engineering as a whole. It was a night to appreciate the sweat, the hard work, and the creativity that goes into each innovation. It was a night that illuminated the journey of progress, and the power of ideas to shape the future.

The British Engineering Excellence Awards was a night to remember – a night that celebrated the very essence of engineering and innovation. Sunstone's journey, their Solar CCTV System, and the remarkable technologies showcased were all part of a bigger story – a story of progress, of passion, and of the unrelenting pursuit of engineering at its finest.

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