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Digital Barriers & Sunstone Systems Partner for Unrivalled Connectivity &Performance.

London, 9 July 2024 – Digital Barriers is pleased to announce its patented AI-based video compression software EdgeVis is to be incorporated into Sunstone Systems’ full range of sustainably powered redeployable surveillance solutions. It is the first commercially available EdgeVis solution for the highways market, promising reduced data transmission costs, enhanced cybersecurity and guaranteed reliability for Sunstone’s customers when transmitting live video over cellular or satellite networks.

Sunstone Systems is the award-winning creator of solar-powered technology for surveillance and communications. The company was founded in 2011 and has built its reputation on redefining the landscape for security, telecommunications and IoT applications with systems designed to operate in the most extreme and challenging of environments. Its solutions are widely deployed on highways, in oil & gas and in other similar scenarios where access to mission-critical temporary to longer-term surveillance is required.

EdgeVis is Digital Barriers’ patented AI-based video codec that delivers reliable and affordable live video and analytics over cellular and other wireless transmission technologies such as Starlink. It reduces bandwidth requirements by up to 90%, without sacrificing quality in low-latency environments, and has been proven in military and commercial applications for over a decade. As the only NPSA-approved video streaming product on the market, applications have included keeping troops safe in the Middle East, the securing of Olympic Games, and the protection of presidential inaugurations and royal events.

Simon Legrand, CMO & Co-Founder, Sunstone Systems:

“We’ve built our entire business on providing clean energy systems that deliver guaranteed security and connectivity wherever our customers require it, so discovering Digital Barriers could help both cut costs and improve our offering was significant. We’re proud to be partnering with a fellow innovator, whose technology is equally as proven in the world’s most remote and challenging of environments.”

Zak Doffman, CEO, Digital Barriers:

“We love working with Sunstone Systems, whose feedback has proved so integral in shaping the continual evolution of our EdgeVis product suite. We welcome conversations with any organisation wishing to achieve simpler deployment, greater reliability and lower costs for their remote monitoring operations.”

The collaboration with Digital Barriers sees the standard router inside Sunstone Systems’ technologies replaced with the EdgeVis Video Router. This means it can easily be retrofitted into existing customers’ deployments to improve performance, cut costs and increase the number of available video streams for multi-camera deployments. It works seamlessly with leading VMS providers such as Milestone and Genetec as well as with any other ONVIF compliant platform, meaning customers continue to receive their video feeds in their remote monitoring location and software of choice.

The offering is immediately available and ideally suited for any off-grid or temporary location from which the reliable and secure remote monitoring of video is required. For example:

  • Highways & Rail – authorities can ensure the free flow of people and goods with the real-time situational awareness needed to respond to disruptions

  • Oil & Gas – operators can rely on proven technologies for the secure monitoring of sites from a safe distance, even in the most extreme or challenging of environments.

  • Construction – organisations can deploy real-time intrusion detection and alerting for the enhanced out-of-hours protection of machinery, equipment and assets

  • Live Events – teams can create a positive visitor experience, by using live video to pre-empt issues, better manage crowds and keep attendees safe

  • Defence & Border Protection – officials can proactively monitor beaches and other launching points to deter and detect dangerous attempted sea crossings

  • Public Space Surveillance – police and local authorities can expand visibility and tackle issues such as fly-tipping and vandalism, easily redeploying cameras as required

About Sunstone Systems

Sunstone Systems is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to delivering innovative, sustainable, and robust solutions for remote security and communications. Founded with a vision to harness the power of renewable energy and advanced technology, Sunstone Systems has become a leader in providing reliable, eco-friendly products and services to clients across various industries. Our versatile technologies are deployed in highways, rail, and oil & gas sectors both in the UK and around the world, demonstrating our ability to meet diverse and demanding needs.

Our mission is to create transformative, energy-efficient solutions that empower businesses to secure and monitor remote locations with ease and confidence. We strive to lead the way in sustainable technology, ensuring that our products not only meet the highest standards of quality and performance but also contribute positively to the environment. With Sunstone Systems, you gain access to cutting-edge innovations that are as adaptable as they are effective, providing unparalleled support and security wherever they are deployed.

About Digital Barriers  

Digital Barriers is a revolutionary video technology provider that empowers individuals, organisations, and society with instant insights to make mission-critical decisions. Through our patented AI-based video codec and secure edge platform, we help customers in various markets — including city law enforcement and public safety, industry, transportation, defence, events, retail, healthcare, and hospitality — unlock the full potential of real-time video.

For 10 years, we’ve worked with governments, military, and specialist law enforcement in the defence sector alongside numerous public and private-sector clients. Our patented AI-based codec has been proven at scale — keeping troops safe in Afghanistan and Iraq, deploying across NATO, and securing presidential inaugurations, Olympic Games, and royal events.

Today, we partner with major global network operators, including Vodafone, to deliver reliable real-time video over cellular and other transmission technologies that offer up to 90% bandwidth cost reduction without sacrificing quality in low-latency environments — ensuring our customers have a 360-degree view of their operations at all times.


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