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Our engineers deliver and install the Solar CCTV System II in Birmingham, UK.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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The successful installation of the new Solar CCTV Systems in Birmingham is a testament to the innovation that can be achieved when industry leaders join forces. The orchestration of this project required the synchronized efforts of Highways England, Kier, and Carnell—each playing a unique role that contributed to the seamless execution of this innovation. From inception to implementation, this collaborative endeavour was marked by shared goals, open communication, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in surveillance technology.

A Beacon of Progress

Junction 6, M42, has become more than just a geographical location—it's now a symbol of progress, innovation, and the capabilities that arise when visionaries unite. The installation of the Solar CCTV Systems is a testament to Highways England's dedication to enhancing safety and efficiency on the roads. These systems, powered by solar energy, not only provide continuous surveillance coverage but also align with global sustainability goals. This innovation reflects the collective consciousness of industries towards eco-friendly solutions that make a real impact. The seamless integration of solar-powered CCTV systems would not have been possible without the combined efforts of engineers, planners, technicians, and numerous other professionals who worked tirelessly to bring this project to life. This unity serves as a beacon of inspiration for industries worldwide, showcasing the potential that can be harnessed when diverse expertise converges.

Shaping the Future

As Highways England, Kier, and Carnell celebrate the successful installation of the Solar CCTV Systems in Birmingham, they also look to the future with a sense of purpose. This collaboration isn't just a singular achievement; it's a foundation upon which future innovations can be built. By demonstrating the impact of partnership in translating concepts into realities, this project paves the way for industries to explore new horizons, rethink conventional practices, and embrace the potential of collaborative efforts.

A Legacy of Progress

The installation of Solar CCTV Systems at Junction 6, M42, serves as a legacy of progress, collaboration, and innovation. It is a reminder that the roads to a brighter future are paved with partnerships, where collective expertise converges to create solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Highways England, Kier, and Carnell stand as shining examples of how united efforts can create lasting change.

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