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Site surveillance, security and internet powered entirely by renewable energy.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Security is a major issue on construction sites which can be an easy target for opportunist thieves. £1m worth of equipment is stolen from sites in the UK every week, and less than 10% of this is recovered by Police. The ramifications from theft, vandalism and damage on site can be considerable, from increased project costs, critical project time being wasted and worker safety being compromised. Also, during working hours, tool theft from workers is a significant and under reported concern, which can lead to further disruptions in productivity and costs to individuals.

To control the risks presented by vulnerabilities on construction sites, there are many issues to consider and a one size fits all approach to site security is bound to fail.

Some of the variables we look at before supporting our customers with a solution includes the location of the site, is it in a remote location or in a busy city centre? What existing hard security measures are in place, is there secure fencing, adequate lighting and is valuable equipment secured? This assessment is designed to understand their specific requirement and the most cost effective way of mitigating those vulnerabilities.

In this way, the balance between mitigating vulnerabilities, whatever the recommendation, and providing a cost effective solution is a fine line to tread. Sometimes we see very cost effective solutions that do not provide adequate security (or fail to work when needed) or expensive solutions which easily meet objectives, but are hard to financially sustain. The advantage of a thorough site assessment, which clearly lays out vulnerabilities and cost effective measures to mitigate them is the best way of treading that fine line.

Another perspective is to consider how the site looks to your potential intruder, as they evaluate risk versus reward. They are looking (sometimes opportunistically) for the lowest risk for the highest reward, and their decision making will be influenced by the security measures installed on site.

For example, manned guarding can be particularly effective in deterring opportunistic intruders, providing a visual deterrent and fast response to incursions on site, escalating to a Police response when needed. However, the costs associated with this solution can be considerable, especially if the site is large, requires multiple guards and is secured 24/7.

Also, with the development of our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers which are lower cost, they are effective in deterring intruders, as they can be located in positions to provide continuous coverage across the entire site

They deliver 360° HD CCTV coverage with virtual tripwires and motion detection sensors and operate on solar 24/7, all year round. The integrated horn speakers provider operators with the facility to give live audio challenges to any intruders detected via the camera or sensors.

We can connect our technologies over wireless or cellular networks and provide optional WIFI connectivity to personnel on site. In addition, our systems are powered using renewables and we can help to significantly reduce CO² emissions versus diesel generators.

Our technologies can be custom built for precise applications and we work with leading manned guarding companies to provide an integrated solution, which helps to reduce costs while leveraging smart devices to help secure construction sites.

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