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Solar CCTV Systems deliver advanced security for construction sites.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Autonomous Remote Communications (ARC) System

In a world driven by innovation, Sunstone Systems takes a bold step forward with the launch of the Autonomous Remote Communications (ARC) System—a groundbreaking solution poised to revolutionize security across the construction sector in the UK. Designed to harness renewable power, the ARC System is set to empower a range of security devices, from CCTV to asset tracking and automatic number plate recognition.

A New Dawn in Security

The ARC System emerges as a beacon of innovation, addressing the pressing security challenges faced by the construction industry. By seamlessly integrating renewable power, this system caters to security needs where conventional power sources might be limited or absent altogether. One of the most remarkable aspects of the ARC System is its swift commissioning. In under 30 minutes, this technology springs to life, offering real-time surveillance and data transmission to monitoring centers, smartphones, and tablets. This efficiency ensures that critical information is readily available for review and action—a testament to the ARC System's commitment to bolstering security and response mechanisms.

Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Surveillance

The ARC System's integration of real-time surveillance and data dissemination marks a pivotal stride in security technology. It provides an unbroken link between security devices and the command center, facilitating timely decision-making and intervention. In an era where seconds count, this feature is a game-changer in enhancing the efficacy of security operations.

A Safeguard Against Challenges

The construction industry grapples with the dual challenge of asset theft and monitoring remote sites with limited power and data availability. The ARC System emerges as a shield against these challenges, equipping construction sites with an autonomous security infrastructure that operates without interruption.

Shaping a Secure Future

As the Autonomous Remote Communications (ARC) System is launched, it signifies more than just an innovation—it embodies Sunstone Systems' unwavering commitment to shaping a safer, more secure future. The ARC System doesn't just provide power and data—it provides peace of mind, allowing construction sites to focus on progress without compromising on security. The unveiling of the ARC System marks a moment of transformation for the construction sector. It signifies a shift from conventional security approaches to a realm where technology meets sustainability, efficiency, and responsiveness head-on. Sunstone Systems' commitment to innovation echoes in the ARC System, which is not just a product—it's a symbol of progress, an embodiment of the possibilities that arise when challenges are met with creativity and expertise. As the ARC System steps into action, it beckons the industry to join the evolution towards a safer, more secure construction landscape.

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