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Bringing Innovation to the Road: Solar CCTV System Enhances Surveillance for Highways and Airports.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

In the bustling landscape of transportation, security and efficiency stand at the forefront of priorities. Sunstone Systems, known for their dedication to inventive solutions, has taken center stage with their Solar CCTV System, a game-changer in the realms of highways and airport surveillance. Their successful collaboration with Kier and Highways England to deploy this groundbreaking technology to monitor a crucial carriageway for the NEC and Birmingham Airport is a testament to their innovation and commitment to enhancing safety and performance on the road.

The project brought together an array of key stakeholders, including Highways England, Kier, and Birmingham City Airport, showcasing the collaborative spirit necessary for impactful progress. The goal was clear: to enhance surveillance in critical areas, ensuring smoother traffic flows, safer interchanges, and timely responses to incidents.

Sunstone Systems rose to the challenge by designing, manufacturing, and deploying three Solar IP CCTV Systems (SICS) in Area 9. These systems, marked by their agility and rapid deployment capabilities, were strategically positioned to address key surveillance needs. Their adaptability to high traffic areas, interchanges, and tunnels where congestion or accidents may arise has already proven its worth.

Solar CCTV System

Each Solar CCTV System in this innovative arsenal is equipped with an IP Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Camera (PTZ), backed by a wireless access point or 4G network. This seamless connection ensures that surveillance data is swiftly transmitted to the Highways Agency Video Management System (VMS), providing real-time insights into traffic conditions and incidents. The incorporation of solar arrays and advanced battery systems empowers these systems to be fully autonomous, significantly reducing energy consumption and boasting an eco-friendly profile.

A cornerstone of this technology's value lies in its speed and simplicity of deployment. In less than an hour, the Solar CCTV System can be fully operational, eliminating the need for extensive groundworks, hardwired connections, or complex data infrastructure. This flexibility not only minimizes disruptions but also allows for swift relocation to new sites, adapting to evolving surveillance requirements with ease.

The benefits extend beyond the technical realm. High-speed surveillance and data connections over 4G or wireless networks ensure that critical information reaches the right stakeholders promptly. The ability to access surveillance streams through phone and tablet applications underscores the user-friendly design, providing practicality to those on the ground.

Solar CCTV System

The accolades garnered by Sunstone Systems speak volumes about the impact of their innovation. Recognized as the "Project of the Year" at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards in 2017 and shortlisted for the "Product of the Year" at the British Engineering Excellence Awards in 2018, the Solar CCTV System has consistently demonstrated its prowess. Commendations from the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation Awards in 2018 further solidify its status as a game-changing solution.

Highways England's rigorous cost-benefit analysis leaves no room for doubt. The Solar CCTV System's estimated savings of over £130,000 per deployment, compared to traditional hard-wired security systems, underscore its practical and economic advantage.

In an industry where safety and efficiency reign supreme, Sunstone Systems' Solar CCTV System shines as a beacon of innovation. Through collaboration, ingenuity, and a focus on real-world impact, this technology is setting a new standard for surveillance on highways and within airport premises. As the transportation landscape continues to evolve, Sunstone Systems' dedication to progress is paving the way for safer, smarter, and more efficient journeys.

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