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Sunstone commended at the CIHT.

Solar IP CCTV System, SICS, Solar CCTV, Solar CCTV System, Sunstone Systems

"Kier Highways have pioneered the use of the first readily deployable Solar CCTV system for use on the Strategic Road Network. The camera was deployed at Junction 6 of the M42 in response to concerns from stakeholders regarding the poor visibility of traffic flows and the uncertainty over the cause. The system is completely self-contained and can rapidly be deployed without any existing infrastructure.

Enterprise and ingenuity

The Solar CCTV System (SICS) was initially developed for deployment in the oil fields of Kazakhstan, providing solar powered and wireless point to point surveillance of construction areas and wellheads in remote locations. The system was specifically designed to provide reliable, self-powered HD CCTV surveillance in a range of extreme conditions.

Judges' Comments

"The judges were impressed by the entry’s rapid development and deployment of an integrated practical system which has significant advantages, such as cost savings and flexibility, over conventional systems. This system, combining Solar power and IP, potentially has wide ranging applications."

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