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Sunstone integrates Wavetronix into their Solar CCTV Systems.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Exciting times are on the horizon as Sunstone Systems proudly unveils the integration of Wavetronix radar into our Autonomous Remote Communications System (ARC) and Solar CCTV System (SICS). This union heralds a transformative traffic management solution that harnesses the power of clean energy. The amalgamation of Wavetronix radar with our ARC and SICS represents a leap towards redefining traffic management. The synergy between these technologies paves the way for a seamless, efficient, and sustainable approach to navigating roadways and enhancing security.

Clean Energy, Smart Management

The incorporation of Wavetronix radar introduces a new dimension to traffic management—one that thrives on clean energy. The combination of advanced radar capabilities with our ARC and SICS demonstrates the convergence of innovation and sustainability. The unveiling of Highways-approved units signifies our commitment to not just innovation, but practicality. These units stand ready for deployment across the UK, testament to our dedication to translating groundbreaking technology into real-world solutions.

A Traffic Management Revolution

As we integrate Wavetronix radar into our systems, we usher in a new era in traffic management. The ARC and SICS, bolstered by the capabilities of Wavetronix radar, are set to redefine how roadways are navigated, managed, and secured. With Wavetronix radar seamlessly woven into our systems, Sunstone Systems extends an invitation to embrace a future where traffic management is not just efficient—it's environmentally conscious. This integration is more than an upgrade—it's a step towards shaping roadways that are safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

A Commitment to Progress

The integration of Wavetronix radar is a testament to Sunstone Systems' dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This innovation not only improves traffic management but also exemplifies our mission to use technology for the greater good. As we step into this new chapter, we invite you to explore the future of traffic management—one where clean energy and smart technology converge to create roadways that are as efficient as they are sustainable. With Highways-approved units on standby, the journey towards a cleaner, smarter, and safer future has never been more tangible.

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