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Sunstone present the Solar CCTV System at Larkhill Barracks with DIT DSO.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Sunstone Systems, in conjunction with 14 Regiment Royal Artillery and DIT Defence and Security Organisation, is proud to present a groundbreaking demonstration of the Solar CCTV System at Larkhill Barracks. This event marks a significant advancement in border control and remote surveillance capabilities.

Elevating Surveillance Standards

The demonstration of the Solar CCTV System showcases a pivotal stride forward in modern security solutions. At Larkhill Barracks, this cutting-edge system takes the spotlight, illustrating its potential applications. The Solar CCTV System is designed to provide uninterrupted surveillance coverage in even the most remote and challenging environments. Fuelled by solar energy and capable of autonomous operation, this system addresses the evolving needs of surveillance technology. Its ability to deliver high-quality and continuous surveillance coverage in remote areas marks a significant enhancement in border control and remote surveillance strategies.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow

As the Solar CCTV System takes centre stage at Larkhill Barracks, it signifies a new chapter in security practices. This is not merely a demonstration—it's a reflection of the potential of technology to augment safety measures and revolutionize how we approach surveillance. As Sunstone Systems, 14 Regiment Royal Artillery, and DIT Defence and Security Organisation present the Solar CCTV System, we envision a world where security is redefined, and borders become fortified by technology that promises to keep us safe in an increasingly complex landscape.

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