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We're preparing for deployment of our Solar CCTV System into the Tengiz.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Sunstone Systems partnered with Tengizchevroil (TCO) to deploy Solar CCTV Systems across TCO's construction areas, perimeter locations, and secure zones. This partnership stands as a testament to Sunstone's dedication to creating technologically advanced, efficient, and secure environments. By harnessing the power of the sun, these systems provide uninterrupted surveillance coverage, eliminating the need for conventional power sources and significantly reducing the environmental footprint.

Seamless Monitoring with Wireless Connectivity

Sunstone Systems' contribution extends beyond hardware to encompass a holistic approach to surveillance. The deployed Solar CCTV Systems, once strategically placed, seamlessly delivered surveillance feeds via the TCO Wireless Canopy network to TCO's CCTV Monitoring Centre. This wireless connectivity ensures real-time monitoring and data transmission, enabling swift response to any potential security threats. The Wireless Canopy not only serves as a conduit for data but also acts as a bridge connecting multiple locations under TCO's surveillance umbrella. This integrated network facilitates efficient monitoring and management, transforming the way security is orchestrated across expansive areas.

Enhancing Security and Efficiency

The deployment of 58 Solar CCTV Systems at TCO's locations is a testament to Sunstone Systems' commitment to delivering solutions that enhance security while embracing sustainability. Beyond just cameras and technology, this collaboration underscores the company's dedication to providing comprehensive security solutions that empower clients to safeguard their assets and personnel effectively. By eliminating the dependency on conventional power sources and utilizing wireless connectivity, Sunstone Systems has paved the way for efficient surveillance in remote and expansive areas. The Solar CCTV Systems not only contribute to security but also enhance operational efficiency, providing valuable insights into various aspects of TCO's operations.

A Blueprint for Innovation in Security

The successful deployment of 58 Solar CCTV Systems showcases how technology, sustainability, and meticulous planning can converge to create a robust security infrastructure. As the surveillance feeds flow seamlessly through the Wireless Canopy network, and as the Solar CCTV Systems continue to safeguard TCO's construction areas, perimeter locations, and secure zones, this collaboration remains a testament to Sunstone's commitment to excellence, innovation, and the advancement of security practices.

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