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Sunstone Systems, Solar CCTV Systems and Rail

Secure your rail site with our smart and green technologies.

Solar CCTV System

Clean Technology

Our systems run purely on solar and methanol power, save 8.4 tonnes of CO2  per unit and are 99% recyclable. 

Tried & Tested

Our technologies have been deployed into a range of applications on trackside.


Our robust system operates all year round in the harshest conditions.


We can stream live surveillance to any monitoring centre via 4G and 5G, Wireless & SD WAN Networks and Satellite.

Innovative Sensors

We only integrate advanced HD CCTV cameras, motion detectors and virtual trip wires.


We have significant experience of delivering mobile and solar-powered platforms for rail.


Our platforms can provide remote surveillance and telecoms for depots, stations and rail yards.


Our platforms can be used to deliver high speed wireless point to point networks and CCTV on rail. 


We can integrate a range of third party sensors onto our platforms, alongside telecoms and CCTV.

The rail industry stands as a cornerstone of modern transportation, connecting regions and enabling the seamless movement of goods and passengers. Within this complex network of railways, safety, security, and operational efficiency are paramount. By harnessing the power of the sun, Solar CCTV Systems offer a plethora of benefits that revolutionise the rail industry. From ensuring continuous surveillance to reducing operational costs and enhancing environmental sustainability, these systems can help deliver a range of benefits. This includes: 

  • Continuous Surveillance: Solar CCTV cameras provide round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring that rail yards, depots, and other critical areas are monitored 24/7, which is crucial for maintaining security and safety.

  • Cost-Efficient Operation: Solar-powered systems eliminate the need for traditional electrical power sources, resulting in substantial cost savings on electricity bills and infrastructure installation.

  • Environmental Sustainability: By harnessing renewable solar energy, these systems reduce carbon emissions and contribute to environmentally responsible rail operations, aligning with sustainability goals.

  • Rapid Deployment: Solar CCTV Systems are designed for quick and straightforward deployment, even in remote locations. This agility allows for swift responses to security or safety issues.

  • High-Quality Surveillance: The systems offer high-quality video surveillance footage, ensuring clear and detailed monitoring of rail assets and activities, which is critical for incident detection and investigation.

  • Remote Monitoring: Rail operators can remotely access live surveillance feeds, enhancing situational awareness and the ability to respond promptly to incidents or emergencies.

Solar CCTV System
  • Reduced Vandalism and Theft: The presence of visible surveillance cameras acts as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of vandalism, theft, and unauthorised access to rail facilities.

  • Minimised Infrastructure Complexity: Solar-powered systems eliminate the need for extensive electrical infrastructure and costly groundworks, simplifying deployment and minimising disruptions to rail operations.

  • Customisation and Integration: These systems can be customised and integrated with other rail management and control systems, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to specific operational needs.

  • Improved Safety: Enhanced surveillance contributes to overall rail safety by detecting and documenting safety breaches, trespassing incidents, and potential hazards.

  • Data Storage and Retrieval: Solar CCTV Systems store surveillance data, enabling the retrieval of historical footage for incident investigations or legal purposes.

  • Operational Efficiency: The systems can be used to monitor and optimise various rail activities, contributing to operational efficiency and cost reduction.

The Solar CCTV System is a versatile and powerful tool for the rail industry. It offers continuous, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable surveillance, facilitates rapid deployment, and enhances safety and security across rail facilities. By leveraging renewable energy and advanced surveillance technology, these systems play a pivotal role in modernising and improving rail operations.


Our solar-powered systems are designed to produce zero emissions.


Our design philosophy prioritises recyclability to ensure that our products can be easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.


Each of our systems is capable of reducing 1 tonne of CO2 emissions annually.


Compared to diesel-powered systems, our technologies enable an annual fuel savings of more than 1,000 litres.

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