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Sunstone Systems, Solar CCTV Systems and Oil & Gas

Surveillance and Telecoms for Oil and Gas.

Solar CCTV System

Clean Technology

Our systems run purely on solar and methanol power, save 8.4 tonnes of CO2  per unit and are 99% recyclable. 

Rapid Deployment 

Our systems are deployed and operational in under 45 minutes.


Our robust system operates all year round in the harshest conditions.


We can stream live surveillance to any monitoring centre via 4G and 5G, Wireless & SD WAN Networks and Satellite.

Innovative Sensors

We only integrate advanced HD CCTV cameras, motion detectors and virtual trip wires.


We have significant experience of delivering mobile and solar-powered platforms for oil/gas.


Our platforms can provide remote surveillance and telecoms for wellhead technologies. 


Our platforms can be used to deliver high speed wireless point to point networks and CCTV on pipelines. 


We can integrate a range of oil/gas sensors onto our platforms, alongside telecoms and CCTV.

In the challenging landscape of the Oil & Gas industry, where harsh environments, remote locations, and intricate operations converge, the need for innovative and dependable solutions has never been more critical. We are a trailblazer in delivering cutting-edge, cost-effective, and reliable technologies tailored explicitly for the Oil & Gas sector. With a particular focus on solar-powered platforms, we have revolutionised the way the industry approaches wellhead surveillance, remote communications, and environmental monitoring.

Enhancing Wellhead Operations
Our wellhead Solar CCTV Systems are designed to provide a remote vantage point into the heart of Oil & Gas operations. This technology allows for the monitoring of wellhead technologies from a safe distance, offering real-time surveillance and communication capabilities. This increased visibility boosts efficiency and safety, enabling rapid responses to issues or emergencies.

Optimising Pipeline Monitoring
We also offer wireless pipeline platforms, capable of supporting high-speed wireless point-to-point networks and CCTV monitoring along vast stretches of pipelines. Our platforms are engineered to thrive in extreme conditions, making them ideal for Oil & Gas operations in remote and challenging locations. They overcome the complexities and costs associated with establishing data networks in oilfields and wellheads, offering fast, reliable, and long-distance wireless backhaul with high throughputs.

Empowering Real-time Surveillance  

Our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers and Solar CCTV Systems are powerful assets in the arsenal of Oil & Gas companies. These platforms ensure data transmission and real-time surveillance for connecting remote sites, all while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective, thanks to their solar and battery systems.

Solar CCTV System

58 Solar CCTV Systems deployed with Chevron and TCO in Tengiz, Kazakhstan.

Their adaptability is a hallmark; they can integrate various oil and gas sensors alongside telecoms and CCTV, creating a comprehensive solution tailored to specific operational needs.


Mission Critical Applications include:  

  • Wellhead Surveillance: Providing real-time insight into wellhead operations, enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Wireless Connectivity: Enabling high-speed wireless connections between remote and manned stations, even in challenging terrains.

  • Pipeline Monitoring: Offering continuous monitoring and real-time data transmission along extensive pipeline networks.

  • Offshore Operations: Supporting point-to-point connections between offshore platforms, ensuring seamless communication and data flow

The advantages of integrating Sunstone technologies into Oil & Gas operations are substantial:

  • Reliability: Sunstone's platforms offer dependable, high-throughput wireless connections, even in demanding environments.

  • Cost Savings: The solutions reduce the high costs associated with fiber or copper network installations, making them a cost-effective choice.

  • Enhanced Safety: The real-time monitoring capabilities provide a heightened level of safety, along with secure transmission of video, voice, and data.

  • Scalability: These platforms are scalable and easily deployable, facilitating rapid network expansion.

  • Real-time Control: Operators can remotely monitor, maintain, and operate devices at the wellhead, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • Sustainability: Designed to operate on renewables year-round, Sunstone's platforms align with environmental responsibility.


Our solar-powered systems are designed to produce zero emissions.


Our design philosophy prioritises recyclability to ensure that our products can be easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.


Each of our systems is capable of reducing 1 tonne of CO2 emissions annually.


Compared to diesel-powered systems, our technologies enable an annual fuel savings of more than 1,000 litres.


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Surveillance CCTV

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