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Case Study Series: Solar CCTV System Enhances Surveillance Along Key Carriageway for National Highways.

In a collaborative effort between Kier Highways, National Highways, and Birmingham City Airport, Sunstone was tasked with providing a cutting-edge surveillance solution for a crucial carriageway serving the NEC and Birmingham Airport. This project brought together key stakeholders to address the need for efficient surveillance in areas prone to high traffic flows, congestion, and potential hazards.

We successfully designed, manufactured, and deployed three Solar CCTV Systems (SICS) in Area 9 for Kier Highways and they provided quick and easy deployment to strategic locations, catering to areas with high traffic volume, interchanges, susceptible to congestion or accidents. The Solar CCTV System (SICS) boasts several key features designed to enhance surveillance efficiency and flexibility, including: 

  • Surveillance Data Transmission: Each Solar CCTV System is equipped to send surveillance data seamlessly via the integrated wireless access point or through a 4G network. This ensures real-time transmission of critical surveillance footage to the National Highways Video Management System (VMS) via the internet.

  • Advanced Camera System: The SICS system includes an Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Camera (PTZ) capable of capturing high-definition footage. This sophisticated camera system offers flexibility in monitoring and can be adjusted remotely to focus on specific areas of interest.

  • Reliable Connectivity: With a Wireless Access Point (150Mbps) or 4G connectivity options, the SICS ensures reliable and high-speed data transmission even in remote locations. This feature enables uninterrupted surveillance coverage regardless of the availability of traditional wired connections.

  • Sustainable Power Solution: The SICS is powered by a robust solar array, coupled with an 800Ahs battery system. This sustainable power solution ensures continuous operation of the surveillance system, reducing dependency on external power sources and minimising environmental impact.

  • Portable and Versatile Design: Designed for mobility and flexibility, the SICS comes with a transport base, telescoping outriggers, and a telecommunications cabinet. This portable design facilitates easy deployment to various locations, allowing for swift installation and repositioning as needed.

  • Optimal Surveillance Coverage: Equipped with a telescoping stainless steel mast and a 360-degree field of view PTZ bracket, the SICS provides comprehensive surveillance coverage. This enables monitoring of vast areas with minimal blind spots, enhancing overall security and situational awareness.

  • Stakeholder Accessibility: Access to the surveillance stream is not limited to designated control centers. Stakeholders can conveniently access the surveillance footage via phone and tablet applications, ensuring widespread accessibility and efficient monitoring by relevant personnel.

The SICS System combines advanced technology, sustainable power solutions, and user-friendly features to deliver reliable and effective surveillance capabilities for enhancing highway safety and security. In addition, the system offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing surveillance efficiency and flexibility in monitoring key roadways. These benefits include:

  • Rapid Deployment: With a streamlined installation process, the SICS can be fully deployed in under one hour. This quick deployment time ensures minimal disruption to traffic flow and allows for swift implementation of surveillance measures to address emerging security concerns or traffic incidents.

  • Minimal Groundworks: The SICS eliminates the need for extensive groundworks, as it does not require hardwired power or data connections. This reduces construction time and costs associated with trenching and laying cables, enabling efficient deployment without compromising on surveillance capabilities.

  • Easy Redeployment: The modular and portable design of the SICS allows for effortless relocation to new locations or in response to changing surveillance requirements. Whether due to shifting traffic patterns or evolving security needs, the system can be easily redeployed to address emerging priorities without significant logistical challenges.

  • High-Speed Connectivity: The SICS leverages high-speed surveillance and data connections over 4G or free-to-air wireless networks. This ensures real-time transmission of surveillance footage to control centres or relevant stakeholders, enabling prompt response to incidents and enhancing overall situational awareness.

By offering rapid deployment, minimal groundworks, easy redeployment, and high-speed connectivity, the SICS System optimises surveillance capabilities while minimising operational disruptions and costs. This translates to improved efficiency in monitoring key roadways, ensuring enhanced safety and security for both motorists and pedestrians alike.

The success of our Solar CCTV System deployment has been recognized on multiple fronts. It was awarded Project of the Year at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017 and shortlisted for Product of the Year at the British Engineering Excellence Awards 2018. Additionally, it received commendation at the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation Awards 2018 for its innovation in collaboration with Kier Highways and Carnell.

Furthermore, a cost-benefit analysis conducted by Highways England revealed significant savings, estimating over £130,000 per deployment compared to traditional hard-wired security systems.

Our Solar CCTV System has proven to be an effective and innovative solution for enhancing surveillance along key carriageways, offering swift deployment, autonomous operation, and substantial cost savings. Its recognition and accolades underscore its impact and effectiveness in ensuring safety and security on our highways.


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