Delivering clean technologies on Highways.


We have a significant track record of developing and delivering advanced solar platforms for local highways and the Strategic Road Network, providing real-time surveillance and data connectivity in remote locations. 

Working closely with innovative partners in highways, we continue to challenge the status quo and deliver renewable technologies and support the implementation of Smart Highways in the UK. 


  • Local highway and SRN surveillance using wireless Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh and Cellular networks

  • Real-time surveillance of remote highways sections and junctions, streamed to the local monitoring centres

  • Traffic flow monitoring and incident alerts



  • High quality 24/7 video streaming powered entirely by solar power 365 days of the year (unit 4)

  • Reduced data costs through point to point and use of compression encoders

  • Reduced civil engineering works by mitigating the need for costly groundworks for laying power and data cables as well as installing masts

  • High encryption levels achieved with data transfer which allows the units to sit on the Highways Network and to be shared with numerous stakeholders in a secure way – Highways England Cyber Security Team graded the solution as low risk

  • Each SICS saves the following (calculated using approx. 30 Watts Power Draw per hour) 30 (Power) x 24 (Hours) x 365 (Days) = 262,800 Watts / 262.8 kWh per year, contributing to an improved environment



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