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Zero Groundworks, Zero CO2 & Instant Power. Meet the RAFT System.

Solar Generator


The RAFT System enhances rail depot security with real-time surveillance and deterrence capabilities.


The RAFT System offers comprehensive control and surveillance, providing peace of mind and protection for valuable assets in various security applications.


Safeguard oil and gas installations in extreme conditions with the RAFT System, ensuring continuous surveillance and communication capabilities.


Improve highway safety and traffic management through the RAFT System's real-time surveillance for remote road sections.


Ensure real-time security and surveillance for construction projects in locations without traditional power sources with the RAFT System.

The Rapid Autonomous Frontier Technology (RAFT) System by Sunstone Systems is an innovative and robust solution tailored for remote and demanding environments. Engineered to excel in extreme conditions, the RAFT System consists of an extreme system enclosure, an efficient Internal Control and Power Management System (ICPMS), a reliable battery configuration, a modular solar array, and a seamlessly integrated IoT mast. This comprehensive system provides a myriad of applications and an array of benefits to enhance surveillance and security in challenging settings. Deployed quickly without groundworks, the RAFT System delivers IoT and communications technologies on any frontier. 

The RAFT System is not just a surveillance and security powerhouse; it's also a renewable energy hub. In remote locations where power sources are scarce, the RAFT System steps in as a versatile solution, delivering clean and reliable off-grid power to a wide range of devices, from IoT sensors to radar systems, cameras, wireless communication equipment, and even satellite connectivity terminals. Standard features include:

  • Extreme System Enclosure: A rugged and extreme weather-resistant cabinet designed for longevity and performance in harsh conditions

  • Internal Control and Power Management System (ICPMS): An efficient control system that manages power distribution, integrated IoT devices and sensors

  • Advanced Battery System: Designed to store and deliver power as required, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality

  • QuickGrid Integration: The ability to integrate QuickGrid for increased power capacity and energy efficiency

  • Integrated IoT Mast: A robust telescoping mast for mounting sensors, IoT devices and antennas for communication and data collection

The RAFT System builds upon the success of our Solar CCTV System, amplifying its capabilities to deliver unprecedented power, substantial CO2 savings, and versatile deployment options across all frontiers. This includes:

  • ​Easy Deployment: No complex foundation needed; deployable on flat terrain

  • Instant Power: Rapid deployment with QuickGrid for instant off-grid energy

  • CO2 Savings: 2.4KW solar array for significant CO2e reduction

  • Material Durability: 316L stainless steel construction for extreme environments

  • Thermal Insulation: Maintains component operation in extreme temperatures

  • Centralised Control: All system control equipment in one cabinet

  • IP-Rated Protection: Protects against dust and moisture for uninterrupted operation

  • Charging Interface: Harting Extreme

  • Wide Temperature Range: Operates from -40°C to +50°C

  • EMC Compliance: Meets electromagnetic compatibility standards

  • Certification: EAC certified for quality and compliance and constructed to Eurocodes and British Engineering Standards

The RAFT System is a versatile and dependable solution, offering resilience, adaptability, and longevity for a wide range of applications in remote and challenging environments. With its innovative design and robust components, it ensures continuous surveillance, security, and peace of mind.
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