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Solar Powered CCTV Tower, where you need it.


ARC System enhances rail safety with solar-powered CCTV tower surveillance. Versatile, reliable, rapid deployment, remote access, and cost-effective solution


The ARC System revolutionizes security with solar-powered, flexible, and reliable surveillance.


Off-grid security solution powered by renewable energy. Rapid, scalable, and tailored to Oil and Gas operational requirements.


ARC System revolutionizes highway surveillance with renewable energy-powered off-grid CCTV. Rapid deployment, scalable, and tailored for effective monitoring.


ARC System enhances construction security with off-grid solar-powered CCTV. Rapid deployment, modular, and tailored to meet site-specific needs effectively.

The Autonomous Remote Communications Unit (ARC) is a solar powered CCTV tower and the latest innovation from Sunstone Systems. Built upon the same principle of developing game-changing technology powered entirely with renewable energy, the ARC takes the concept of the Solar IP CCTV System into a flexible solution for projects that require temporary to longer-term site security, data and internet.

If you need a flexible, reliable, and quickly deployable surveillance solution, Sunstone Systems' solar powered CCTV tower is the perfect choice for you.

Our solar powered CCTV tower is a versatile and portable solution that can be easily transported and set up at any location. The tower is equipped with high-quality CCTV cameras that can be customised to suit your specific surveillance needs.

With the ARC System, you can have your site under constant surveillance within minutes of deployment. The tower includes a telescopic mast that can be raised to a height of up to 6 meters, providing a wide and clear view of your site.

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The system is ideal for a variety of applications, including construction sites, festivals, outdoor events, and temporary worksites. It is a cost-effective solution that provides reliable surveillance without the need for costly infrastructure or long-term commitments.

ARC System features:

  • Off-grid security solution capable of delivering 24/7 HD CCTV powered entirely by renewable energy, helping organisations reduce carbon emissions by up to 500kg’s per year

  • Fully serviced with system health monitoring to reduce potential downtime on-site by alerting our engineers to proactively attend your site

  • Self-sustaining, powered entirely by solar energy 

  • Every installation comes with a site survey to ensure the solution effectively meets the security and communication needs of the client

  • Our Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower is operational in under one hour

  • Scalable, portable and modular, providing the requisite flexibility for developing sites and operational requirements

  • Solution is tailored to the client’s operational requirements

  • Anti-theft and vandalism measures: built-in GPS, concealed hinges, fully enclosed, ruggedized and lockable cabinet with IP66 rating, anti-vandal collar – options to add sensors

  • Good for the planet. With zero emissions your business will reduce its carbon footprint by up to 500kg’s per year. Each unit is 99% recyclable.

  • British engineered, built to last.


Additional Options

  • Remote monitoring service with response team dispatched or emergency services alerted as required keeping your site safe around the clock

  • High-speed broadband connection and site-wide Wi-Fi on site allowing your site to be connected and fully functional on day one of the project

  • The rapid deployment CCTV tower has an integrated PA system and LED lighting for instant deterrents to on-site issues

How the ARC works






North America


Power per hour*

(800w Array)




Power per month**




CO2 Savings per year***



How does the ARC work?

Equivalent number of trees sequestering Carbon****

*Minimum and maximum wattage generated from winter to summer for the location 
**Minimum and maximum wattage generated from winter to summer for the location
***CO2 Savings per ARC System
**** Data provided by United States Environmental Protection Agency ( 





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