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Solar and HVO join forces, introducing the Power Station.

Solar Generator

Remote Power

The Power Station can be deployed in remote areas where there is no access to the grid. It can power equipment for scientific research, mining, and oil and gas exploration.

Events and Festivals

The Power Station can provide power for outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and fairs. It can power lighting, sound systems, food trucks, and other equipment.

Construction Sites

The Power Station can provide power for construction sites, powering tools and equipment such as cranes, drills, and saws.

Disaster Relief

The Power Station can provide rapid and instant power in disaster affected areas for a range of mission critical technologies and devices. 

UPS Power

The Power Station can deliver uninterruptible power for a range of high power demand devices and critical infrastructure such as Cell Towers. 

Power Station is a cutting-edge power platform designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of industries across the spectrum. Engineered for both temporary and permanent power applications, the Power Station embodies reliability, sustainability, and rapid deployability, ensuring you have access to a consistent and clean power source when and where you need it most. Whether you require power for security operations, remote sites, extreme weather conditions, or disaster relief efforts, the Power Station is a rapid deployment, robust, and eco-friendly solution that bridges the gap in power and connectivity. 

 Standard features include:

  • Integrated Solar and HVO Hybrid System: The Power Station seamlessly integrates a roof-mounted solar array with an advanced HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) generator and battery system. This hybrid setup combines the clean energy benefits of solar with the continuous power supply of the HVO turbine.

  • Onboard Energy Storage: With a robust 1000L HVO onboard fuel storage tank and an advanced battery bank, the Power Station ensures uninterrupted power, even in remote locations and during emergencies.

  • Scalable Renewable Power: The system can integrate additional solar panels and wind turbines to enhance its renewable power capacity, making it an eco-friendly choice for clean energy generation.

Hub System.png

The Power Station is a versatile and sustainable power solution that harnesses renewable energy sources to generate clean and reliable electricity. It combines a roof-mounted solar array with an integrated HVO generator and battery system, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in remote locations and challenging environments. Designed to meet the demands of various industries, the Power Station can deliver clean power, reducing carbon emissions while providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional power sources.

  • Built to High Engineering Standards: Manufactured to UK Engineering Standards and incorporating components from expert partners, the Power Station is a durable, reliable, and safe power solution for challenging environments.

  • Rapid Deployment: Designed for quick deployment, the Power Station is ideal for emergency response, disaster relief, military operations, events, festivals, construction sites, and more.

Power Station how it works.png

The Power Station delivers a multitude of benefits that extend across diverse industries. This innovative power solution combines the reliability of a robust HVO generator with the sustainability of solar energy, ensuring an uninterrupted and eco-friendly power supply. With rapid deployment capabilities, it caters to both temporary and permanent applications, from construction sites to remote rail stations. Its scalability, anti-theft features, and resistance to extreme weather conditions make it adaptable to various settings, while its reduced carbon footprint and cost-effectiveness provide an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional power sources. The Power Station is a game-changer, revolutionising power generation while addressing the unique needs of modern industries. This includes:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: The Power Station can save thousands of kilograms of CO2 emissions annually, making it an eco-conscious choice for power generation.

  • 24/7 HD CCTV Surveillance: Power your security operations round-the-clock with HD CCTV, entirely powered by renewable energy.
    Flexibility and Modularity: The Power Station's scalability and portability offer flexibility in developing sites and meeting evolving operational requirements.

  • Tailored Solutions: Each installation includes a site survey to ensure a customized solution that precisely meets your security and communication needs.

  • Corrosion-Resistant Design: With a steel construction and powder-coated finish, the Power Station is designed to prevent corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Anti-Theft and Vandalism Measures: Equipped with anti-theft features like built-in GPS, concealed hinges, ruggedized cabinets, and an IP66 rating for added security.

  • Advanced Power Technologies: Utilize the latest solar panel technologies, secure bracketry, and an advanced battery system for efficient power management.

  • Versatile Power Source: The Power Station can power tool charging, manned guarding, lighting, surveillance, and telecommunications, offering a comprehensive solution.


Our solution dramatically cuts NOx, PM, and CO emissions.


Synthesised from 100% certified waste products.


Environmentally friendly, safe, and odorless.


Meets EN 15940:2016 & ASTM D975 specifications.

Tropical Plant

The use of HVO derived from waste vegetable oil presents incredible environmental benefits versus diesel fuel. This biofuel is biodegradable, non-toxic, and produces significantly reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, which contribute to air quality improvement and combat climate change. When integrated with the Power Station, this environmentally conscious approach not only fosters sustainability but also delivers a clean and high-power solution for a wide spectrum of off-grid power challenges. The combination of renewable energy from the Power Station and the eco-friendly attributes of HVO provides a reliable and eco-conscious means of addressing the energy needs of remote locations and demanding environments, while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future.

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