Solar CCTV System

Delivering Solar CCTV Sytems on highways with Kier.

  • Highways Approved

    This SICS is approved for use on UK Highways and is business as usual.

  • Wireless Network

    The systems are deployed in remote locations and communicate wirelessly. 

  • Solar powered

    All deployed systems are powered using solar power.

  • Rapid Deployment

    We can provide up to 1Gb per second wirelessly to your location.

  • Remote management

    All the systems are monitored remotely and surveillance is streamed in real time  to Highways Monitoring Centres. 

  • Solar powered

    All of our wireless systems can be integrated into our solar generator for remote locations. 

  • Methanol Fuel

    All of our systems can integrate Methanol Fuel Cells to provide additional power and redundancy.

  • Award Winning 

    The SICS II was highly commended at the CIHT Awards in 2018.

Highways surveillance

Approved on the UK SRN, our technologies provide unrivaled HD surveillance.

stopped vehicle detection

Approved on the UK SRN, our technologies provide unrivalled HD surveillance.

anpr & Average Speed

We integrate highly accurate ANPR and average speed check cameras into our highways platforms. 

Lane incursion detection

We integrate highly accurate ANPR and average speed check cameras into our highways platforms. 

We were commissioned to provide Kier and Highways England with the Solar CCTV System to provide surveillance for a key carriageway for the NEC and Birmingham Airport. The project involved a number of key stakeholders from Highways England, Kier and Birmingham City Airport.

We designed, manufactured and deployed three Solar IP CCTV System (SICS) for Highways England in Area 9, which can be quickly and easily deployed to required locations and provide surveillance, particularly:

  • Where there are high traffic flows with congestion or queues

  • At interchanges with converging/diverging traffic flows

  • At locations such as tunnels where traffic congestion or accidents may create dangerous conditions

Each Solar CCTV System sends surveillance data via the integrated wireless access point or 4G network and onto Highways Agency Video Management System (VMS) via the internet. The new SICS system (Highways) includes:

  • IP Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera (PTZ) and Wireless Access Point/s (150Mbps) or 4G

  • 500 – 640w Solar Array and 800Ahs Battery System

  • Transport base, telescoping outriggers and telecommunications cabinet

  • Telescoping stainless steel mast and 360-degree field of view PTZ bracket

  • Access to the surveillance stream can be provided to stakeholders via phone and tablet applications



  • Full deployment of the Solar CCTV System in under 1 hour

  • Minimal groundworks, no hardwired power or data connections required

  • Can be easily redeployed to a new location and requirement

  • High-speed surveillance and data connections over 4G or free to air wireless networks

  • Powered by the solar array and advanced battery system, the Solar CCTV System is fully autonomous and saves around 6kWh every year, per device


Key Facts

  • Project of the Year at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017

  • The Solar CCTV System was shortlisted for Product of the Year at the British Engineering Excellence Awards 2018

  • Commended at the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation Awards 2018 for Innovation with Kier Highways and Carnell

  • Highways England conducted a cost-benefit analysis comparing our system to a traditional hard-wired security system and estimated that our system provides in excess of £130,000 of savings per deployment

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zero emissions

Our solar powered systems emit no emissions.


All of our technologies are designed to be at least 99% recyclable.

Co2 Savings

Each system saves 1 tonne of CO2 emissions
per year.

Fuel saved

1,000 litres of fuel is saved per year using our technologies.

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