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Case Study Series: The Solar CCTV System's Triumph in Tengiz, Kazakhstan.

In the vast and challenging landscape of the Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan, maintaining security and surveillance presents a formidable task. Tengizchevroil (TCO), a consortium of industry giants including Chevron, ExxonMobil, KazMunayGas, and LukArco, found themselves grappling with poor telecommunications coverage, extreme weather conditions, and disconnected construction areas. The need for a self-sustaining and rapidly deployable Solar CCTV System became imperative to safeguard operations in this remote and corrosive environment.

Enter the Solar IP CCTV System (SICS), a groundbreaking solution engineered to overcome the unique challenges faced by TCO. Developed in collaboration with TCO and Fluor, the SICS stands as a testament to innovation in remote surveillance technology. Its patent-pending design ensures complete self-sustainability and standalone operation, facilitating easy transport and rapid deployment across the expansive terrain of the Tengiz oil field.

Solar CCTV System, Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan

At the heart of the SICS lies a sophisticated blend of ruggedized solar panels and a proprietary battery system engineered to endure the harsh conditions of extreme temperatures and deep cycling. This robust infrastructure ensures continuous operation and seamless wireless surveillance, delivering high-definition monitoring to local control centers even in the most remote and vulnerable locations.

The implementation of the SICS has yielded remarkable results for TCO. With 58 systems deployed and fully operational, the oil consortium has achieved unprecedented levels of security and connectivity across their operations in Tengiz. Notably, the project has garnered recognition on the global stage, earning the prestigious Project of the Year award at the IFSEC Global Fire & Security Awards 2017. As the SICS System enters 7-years of operations with TCO in Tengiz, these technologies continue to deliver key benefits, including:

  • Self-Sustainability: The SICS's innovative design, incorporating ruggedized solar panels and a proprietary battery system, ensures complete self-sustainability. This eliminates the need for hardwired power sources, allowing seamless operation in remote areas where traditional infrastructure is unavailable or impractical.

  • Rapid Deployment: The standalone nature of the SICS enables rapid deployment across expansive and challenging terrains. Its portable design facilitates easy transport and installation, empowering organizations like Tengizchevroil (TCO) to swiftly establish comprehensive surveillance coverage in remote and vulnerable locations.

  • Resilience to Extreme Conditions: Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and deep cycling, the SICS's robust infrastructure guarantees uninterrupted operation even in the harshest of environmental conditions. This resilience ensures continuous surveillance and telecommunications capabilities, essential for maintaining security in remote oilfield environments.

  • Seamless Wireless Connectivity: Leveraging wireless technology, the SICS delivers high-definition monitoring to local control centres without the need for hardwired data connections. This ensures seamless connectivity across disconnected construction areas and poor telecommunications coverage zones, enhancing overall situational awareness and response capabilities.

  • Enhanced Security and Connectivity: The successful deployment of the SICS in Tengiz has enabled TCO to achieve unprecedented levels of security and connectivity across their operations. By providing real-time monitoring and high-definition surveillance, the SICS has bolstered TCO's ability to safeguard critical infrastructure and assets in the challenging oilfield environment.

  • Future Expansion and Innovation: As TCO continues to leverage the capabilities of the SICS in Tengiz, efforts are underway to expand its deployment and refine its capabilities for future projects. Ongoing collaboration and innovation promise to redefine the standards of surveillance and telecommunications in remote oilfield environments, ensuring the safety and security of critical operations.

Solar CCTV System, Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan

To meet the demanding operational needs of TCO in Tengiz, the SICS System boasts advanced features tailored to endure the environment, provide dependable renewable energy, and deliver essential surveillance and connectivity where required. These features include:

  • Constructed from 316L Stainless Steel: Engineered to withstand the corrosive atmosphere and maintain robustness in challenging conditions.

  • Thermally Insulated: Ensures year-round operations in extreme temperatures, guaranteeing consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

  • Rapid Deployment: Designed for swift offloading, deployment, commissioning, and power generation in under one hour, facilitating immediate implementation and response to security needs.

  • Easy Decommissioning: Enables effortless removal with a retractable mast, foldable and secured solar array, and integrated forklift pockets for simple lifting, allowing for efficient relocation or reconfiguration as necessary.

  • Integrated Connectivity: Provides seamless integration with existing surveillance and communication networks, ensuring real-time monitoring and connectivity to critical areas within the oilfield.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Offers remote access capabilities for monitoring and controlling surveillance systems, enhancing situational awareness and response efficiency.

Solar CCTV System, Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan

These features collectively ensure that the SICS System meets the stringent requirements of TCO in Tengiz, delivering reliable security, surveillance, and connectivity in even the most challenging environments. As the SICS continues to support TCO's operations in Tengiz, efforts are underway to expand its deployment and refine its capabilities for future projects. Through ongoing collaboration and innovation, the partnership between TCO and the developers of the SICS promises to redefine the standards of surveillance and telecommunications in remote oilfield environments.

In the harsh and complicated terrain of Tengiz, the Solar CCTV System stands as an example of reliability and resilience, ensuring the safety and security of one of the world's most critical oil operations.


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