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Sunstone at the Canterbury Business Awards.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower, Solar CCTV System

Celebrating innovation, dedication, and outstanding achievements, the Canterbury Business Awards 2018 proved to be a momentous occasion for Sunstone Systems. The company's exceptional contributions to the fields of technology and global business were acknowledged with two prestigious awards: Innovation of the Year and SME of the Year. These accolades shine a spotlight on Sunstone's groundbreaking Solar CCTV System and their impactful collaborations with global oil and gas companies.

A Shining Beacon of Innovation

The Innovation of the Year award, awarded to Sunstone Systems at the Canterbury Business Awards, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. At the forefront of this innovation stands the remarkable Solar CCTV System—a breakthrough solution that combines cutting-edge security technology with sustainable energy practices. This system harnesses the power of solar energy to provide high-quality surveillance coverage, transforming the landscape of security technology. The Innovation of the Year award recognizes the company's ability to challenge conventions, rethink established norms, and offer solutions that not only address pressing challenges but also lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

A Triumph for SME Excellence

Sunstone Systems' recognition as SME of the Year at the awards ceremony underscores the tremendous impact of their work within the context of small and medium-sized enterprises. The journey to success is often marked by resilience, dedication, and the ability to seize opportunities that arise. Sunstone's achievements—both with the Solar CCTV System and their global endeavours in the oil and gas industry—highlight the potency of a well-coordinated and forward-looking SME. Their work with international oil and gas giants demonstrates not only technical prowess but also the capacity to navigate complex global markets. This recognition echoes the resilience, ingenuity, and dedication demonstrated by the entire Sunstone Systems team.

Solar CCTV System

A Collective Effort that Pays Off

The awards won by Sunstone Systems serve as a collective badge of honour for the entire team. Behind these accolades lie countless hours of hard work, innovation, and a determination to excel. The journey from conceptualizing the to collaborating with major players in the oil and gas sector has been marked by dedication and a pioneering spirit. The accolades not only validate Sunstone's accomplishments but also provide a platform to showcase the potential that SMEs hold in driving innovation and pushing boundaries across industries. Sunstone Systems' journey exemplifies how determination, passion, and a focus on excellence can elevate an SME from a promising idea to an industry leader.

A Bright Future Ahead

As the Canterbury Business Awards celebrated Sunstone Systems' achievements in 2018, they also cast a promising light on the company's future. The Innovation of the Year and SME of the Year awards are not just recognition of past accomplishments; they are a beacon guiding Sunstone towards new horizons of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. With the spotlight firmly on their Solar CCTV System and their international endeavours, Sunstone continues to be a driving force in the fields of security technology and global business. The awards stand as a reminder of the remarkable journey undertaken by the company, serving as inspiration to continue shaping a brighter future through innovation, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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