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The Solar Power Station (SPS) is a robust, rapidly deployable, clean-power station for temporary or permanent application in high security operations. The Solar Power Station (SPS)* is a rapid, reliable, and sustainable solution for providing on-site power in remote locations, extreme weather conditions, and highly corrosive environments.

It is a versatile, standalone unit which can serve as a CCTV control room and monitoring centre, a wireless or satellite telecommunications centre, site-offices, or a gatehouse with an integrated barrier entry system.


It can support a 26m telecoms grade mast to provide telecoms or mobile coverage as well as 40Mbps satellite broadband (country permitting).


  • 10 kWh solar array and 9.8kWh battery storage system

  • Provides local WIFI up to 40mbps

  • System health and battery status monitoring system

  • Wireless Backhaul

  • Satellite telecommunication centre

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Clean energy reducing up to 8.4 tonnes of CO2 per year

  • All equipment transported inside the unit for ease of transportation and storage

  • Bespoke specifications available

* Patent Number: GB1715315.6

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