Our Solar Generator delivers green power to your site.


Solar Generator

The SPS can be deployed to provide reliable, clean and emissions free energy on your site.

Welfare Refuge

The SPS can provide welfare facilities and a refuge for your workers on site.

Tool Charging station

We integrate secure lockers with power supplies to recharge tools using clean energy.

Guard Hut

The SPS can be deployed as a guard hut for security staff, with clean power for their needs.

The Solar Power Station (SPS) is a robust, rapidly deployable, solar generator for temporary or permanent applications in high-security operations. The SPS is a reliable and sustainable solution for providing on-site power in remote locations, extreme weather conditions and highly corrosive environments.

The SPS is a versatile, green generator that can serve as a CCTV control room and monitoring centre, a wireless or satellite telecommunications centre, construction site-offices, or a gatehouse with an integrated barrier entry system. We will work with you to integrate the specific technologies you require for your application and ensure the solar array and battery system is sufficient to provide reliable power all year round. 

Solar power all year round
We only integrate the most effective and efficient solar panels into our array, maximising how much free energy we capture from the sun. We size and specify the size of the solar array you need for your requirement, which can be from 2kWh to 10kWh.

Advanced battery power
Alongside the solar array, we can integrate up to a 20kWh battery storage system, which ensures you have power whenever you need it.
Connectivity anywhere
We have a range of telecommunications systems that can be affixed to our bespoke masts, to provide cellular, satellite or wireless point to point and mesh networks over long distances. Depending on the location, we aim to deliver a minimum connection speed of 40mbps.
Smart and Clean technologies
Using the clean energy we generate, the Solar Power Station can deliver power to an extensive range of smart sensors, communications and surveillance technologies. In addition, the SPS can be remotely monitored for system health and battery performance monitoring. The SPS generates power from only solar energy, with zero emissions, this platform can save up to 8 tonnes of CO2 per year.
Rapid deployment
The SPS is delivered with all the required components and can be operational in under 45 minutes, instantly providing power, data and security where you need it.
UK Manufactured 
We manufacture our technologies only in the UK, using local suppliers and specialist manufacturers of our critical components, which include solar panels, batteries, telecommunications equipment and surveillance technologies. Also, we can custom manufacture the SPS for your specific requirement.

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How the SPS works






North America


How does the SPS work?

SPS How it works Hover_edited.png

Power per hour*

(3200w Array)




Power per month**




CO2 Savings per year***




Equivalent number of trees sequestering Carbon****




*Minimum and maximum wattage generated from winter to summer for the location 
**Minimum and maximum wattage generated from winter to summer for the location
***CO2 Savings per SPS System
**** Data provided by United States Environmental Protection Agency (www.epa.gov) 


Our solar powered systems emit no emissions.


All of our technologies are designed to be at least 99% recyclable.


Each system saves 1 tonne of CO2 emissions
per year.


1,000 litres of fuel is saved per year using our technologies.


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