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Sunstone Systems Wins Security Partnering Initiative of the Year Award with WJ.

Sunstone Systems, a leader in innovative security solutions, proudly announces its recognition at the IFSEC Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2023. The company received the prestigious Security Partnering Initiative of the Year Award in collaboration with its partner, WJ. This accolade acknowledges Sunstone Systems' commitment to delivering exceptional security products and services through strategic partnerships. The partnering strategy centers on creating integrated, sustainable, and cost-effective security solutions. By collaborating closely with clients and forming strategic alliances, the company aims to drive innovation and address unique challenges. The primary focus is on developing comprehensive solutions through partnerships with organisations possessing complementary expertise, exemplified by the successful collaboration with WJ.

Sunstone Systems and WJ have worked collaboratively for over two years, designing and manufacturing specialist highways surveillance systems. These systems, deployed on the roadside without hardwired connections, showcase the power of collaboration between companies with complementary expertise. The partnership thrives on effective communication and shared values of safety, delivery, innovation, and community. Sunstone Systems and WJ leverage their combined strengths to enhance customer service and support. The collaboration extends to collaborative research and development, streamlining operations for improved efficiency, and integrating quality management systems for consistent and collaborative project management.

Wayne Johnston, WJ CEO, said "Partnering with Sunstone Systems has allowed WJ to expand our offerings in the highways industry and provide innovative solutions to our clients. Our collaboration on the ARC 4.0 is just one example of how our complementary expertise can lead to the development of unique and efficient products. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sunstone Systems."

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