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Solar CCTV System Services

We connect and protect what matters to you.

Solar CCTV System

Clean Technology

Our systems run purely on solar and methanol power, save 8.4 tonnes of CO2  per unit and are 99% recyclable. 

CCTV Monitoring

Our CCTV towers are connected to the monitoring centre 24/7 and raise the alarm when alerted. 

Surveillance Towers

Our solar powered surveillance platforms provide security all year round at your site.

Remote Management

Our technologies are designed to be monitored and controlled for range of applications from anywhere in the world.

Artificial Intelligence

We have integrated AI and Smart Analytics to automate detection and raising the alarm.

Our state of the art surveillance platforms and AI technologies put you in control

Our Solar powered systems have been specifically designed, tested and developed in response to the challenge of delivering high quality HD CCTV surveillance, wireless networks, and satellite communications in challenging and hostile locations, such as oil fields, international borders and highways. Typically, such environments lack fixed buildings, power and connectivity,  so it is integral that the systems have been designed to be completely standalone, easily transportable and rapidly deployed.

The robust construction of the systems enables them to operate in extreme weather conditions and highly corrosive environments. The power generated from the solar and battery system can support any type of IP CCTV camera, wireless access point, telecommunications, LED  lighting system or any bespoke application.

Key features

  • Off-grid security solution capable of delivering 24/7 HD CCTV powered entirely by renewable energy

  • Scalable, portable and modular, providing flexibility for developing sites and operational requirements

  • Each installation comes with a site survey to ensure a tailored solution that effectively meets the security and communication needs of the client

  • Good for the planet. With zero-emissions, your business can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 500kg per year

  • Each unit is 99% recyclable

  • Can serve as a solar generator to power sensors and other equipment

  • Installed and operational in under one hour

  • Fully serviced with system health monitoring to reduce potential downtime on site by alerting our engineers to proactively attend your site

  • Anti-theft and vandalism measures: built in GPS, concealed hinges, fully enclosed, ruggedized and lockable cabinet with IP66 rating, anti-vandal collar – option to add sensors

  • CE marked and conforms to all relevant British Standards 

  • British engineered and manufactured, built to last

We only integrate leading AI and Smart Analytics from award-winning manufacturers.

Our solar-powered surveillance platforms all have the capability and can power AI-based algorithms and study behavioral conditions. The onboard software analyses the scene and spatial behavior of the objects within, ignoring common unwanted events. As the camera knows what to detect, operators can focus only on objects of interest and events that need attention, making the monitoring more effective.

This edge-based analytics processes and analyses live video directly on the camera, eliminating the need for costly servers. This delivers efficient data processing, minimised storage and bandwidth requirements, and improves scalability. For our cameras with a deep learning processing unit (DLPU), the application offers more granular object classification, so it can classify humans and vehicles as well as different types of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and bikes (motorcycle/bicycle). In addition, it also offers better detection and classification capabilities for people in unusual positions as well as objects that are only partially visible.

Loitering Guard.png
Motion Guard.png
Fence Guard.png
Object Analytics.png

Object Analytics 

This is an intelligent video analytics programme that adds value to your camera by detecting and classifying humans and vehicles tailored to your surveillance needs.

Video Motion Detection.jpg

Video Motion Detection

Motion Detection triggers an event when objects move within a predefined area in the camera view. 

Perimeter Defender.png

Perimeter Defender

This feature provides an effective edge-based system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on your property. When combined with thermal and PTZ cameras, it’s suitable even for high-security locations. 

Loitering Guard

This feature tracks moving objects and triggers an event if they’ve been in an area for too long. The application is ideal for loitering detection in low-traffic and semi-public areas. 

Motion Gaurd

Motion Guard detects and triggers an event when objects move within a predefined area in the camera view. The application is ideal for detecting unwanted activity in low-traffic areas.

Fence Guard

This feature detects and triggers an event when objects cross a predefined virtual line in the camera view. The application is ideal for detecting intrusions in low-traffic and fenced-in areas. 

Our technologies have been deployed for a range if applications in the UK and around the world.

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